At CSU them N.I.Ulyanova installed solar power

August 20 on the roof of a five-story academic building number 1 of the Chuvash State University named after I. Ulyanov completed commissioning of the power plant solar modules based on thin-film amorphous silicon.

For this work came to the University of specialists from the Italian firm PRAMAC Negley Nicola and Buskhikho Cosimo Aleesandro. The prototype of the solar power plant, made by technology firm Oerlikon, designed for research and educational purposes: to develop electricity from the sun will go to the laboratory, where scientists of the University will monitor the quantity and quality of energy depending on the weather conditions.


 On the occasion of the completion of the next stage of the commissioning of solar power plants met the rector of the Chuvash State University named after I. Professor V. Ulyanov Agakova with experts from Italy and representatives of the Company "Hevel". The head of the university thanked the experts for quality work and expressed hope that it would not be the last joint international project for the Study of the use of alternative fuels, such as solar energy. Scientific project leader Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology ChuvGU VD Kocak, experts of Italian firm PRAMAC Negley Nicola and Buskhikho Cosimo Aleesandro also praised the results of cooperation between higher education and the business community in the area of administration in teaching and research process innovation.

In May 2012, between the Chuvash State University and JSC "ROTEK" within the group of companies "Renova", was awarded the contract for the study of the economic characteristics of solar power plants operating in parallel with a centralized network (EMS-C). This company has purchased and delivered to the University of solar power, as it is a co-project with «STC thin-film technologies in power at the Physico-Technical Institute named after AF Ioffe "(subsidiary company" Hevel "- SP GC" Renova "and JSC" RUSNANO ").

 In order to develop research and educational programs in the field of solar energy Chuvash State University named after I. Ulyanov has established close cooperation with the St. Petersburg universities — Physical-Technical Institute named after AF Joffe and St. Petersburg State Technical University "LETI". As part of this collaboration, with the financial support of RUSNANO 13 faculty members have been trained in the program of professional retraining "Thin film solar photo energy." 15 graduate university study in the ETU "LETI" for the joint master's program, "Thin-film solar photovoltaics." Writing and defense of master's theses is expected on the basis of the Chuvash State University and LLC "Hevel". This year, for the first time in the university implemented a set of 10 students of the Faculty of Radio Engineering and Electronics in "Electronics and Nanoelectronics" (profile "Photovoltaic converters and devices").

   In addition to scientific research to improve the performance of power in the Chuvash State University will be a good base for the training of specialists for OOO "Hevel", and for other enterprises of the Chuvash Republic, already starting to adopt solar technology. As reported in a recent interview with the newspaper "Sovetskaya Chuvashia" Rector VG Agachi, at the University, with the support of the League schools RUSNANO created a resource center for applied nanoelectronics. It is planned to install a more powerful power plant of 100 kW, as well as a laboratory solar substation to educate students and conduct research in the field of nanotechnology.

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