Civil Solidarity with political prisoners continues

Belarus continued action of solidarity with political repressed: the party leaders and activists of the democratic movement and civil society activists are making efforts to release the prisoners in the criminal case on the riots in Minsk.

Activists of the civil initiative "Liberation", which established the new family members of political prisoners in these days meet with the heads of the diplomatic missions of the European countries in Belarus, as well as preparing an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. This was reported by one of the activists of the initiative, the wife of a prisoner Dmitry Bondarenko Olga:

Computers, other equipment we do not have — it was all confiscated, so all this is done a very long time …

"The other day we were at the Embassy of Lithuania and Italy, and earlier in the Czech Embassy, the Vatican, Poland, and many others. First, of course, we ask the international community to promote the release of our loved ones. And when we ask what is needed , then we say that it can be both economic and visa sanctions. Also, we are preparing a letter to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. But computers, other equipment we do not have — it was all confiscated, so it's all done for a long time. "

"Solidarity with Political Prisoners" — such a major problem in the short term has set for itself the Left Party "Fair World". As leader of the party Sergei Kalyakin, release of the arrested party will push through the collection of signatures, letters, protests and pickets. One of these pickets planned in Minsk on February 5.

Also continues the action of solidarity and the BNF through the collection paruchennyav people per shift suppression arrested, said deputy chairman of the party Gregory Kastusyou:

Three days ago, it was 1500 paruchennyav in Minsk and about the same in the regions …

"People are very actively signed three days ago, it was 1500 paruchennyav in Minsk and about the same in the regions. Paruchenni These are sent to the prosecutor's office of Minsk. Official management response BNF has not yet received, but such action would have a positive result. Hopefully he is: recently released Kobets, and I hope that will be soon released other people who are now under arrest. "

In the human rights organization "Spring", BHC Committee "Solidarity" these days continue to go through for people who have served their prison sentences, as well as those who were fired from their jobs or expelled from the university. Also continues the civil solidarity campaign, organized at the initiative of individuals. Volunteer of the company Sergei Semeniuk:

We daklyaravali and undertake to pay during the 15-day "resort" …

"Most of the work, which was organized in the beginning — to send parcels to prisoners — is no longer relevant. However, those people have not disappeared: they have problems at work and at school. Keeping in mind that here was organized by the assistance center, people continue to go here and we help: there is an attendant who explains how and where to find a lawyer. daklyaravali and we also undertake to pay for the 15-day "resort", because people brought us the money and left, and there was lots of people, even far removed from politics, and we are very pleased. Perhaps this is a sign that our society is ready for change, and that we have formed a civil society with a very strong position. "

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