Category: Channeling

Codes set higher civilization (CC), are disconnected from the earth. Removing these codes

Forces: Peacekeepers
Contacter: Alter
Date of channeling: June 28, 2012
Transcript: Leonid Grigoriev, Mihaltsova Irina.

Greetings, people of the earth. We have already met. We — Peacekeepers of the Coalition Council. You can look at the website of "channeling" — as we look at what we are dressed (see the picture — H.). With you now, and we are talking about. We are having a dense body, like you, people. But it does have a little bit different. We today — representatives who communicate with you — with four of the universe. With four different universe, but you can represent us as a whole, which can have a look. The one that is provided to you on the website "channeling." We examined. We introduced ourselves.

Today our topic is very important for you, the people of the earth. Because what we say give — before the land was given. Was not given due to the fact that people do not intimidate people not to live in fear, and the people … When people live in ignorance, then, on the one hand, it is like a baby .. He — does not know what is bad, what is good. For it always — all good. But the time has come. The time is now of the Mind, the time it expanded consciousness on earth.
And we can not hide from the ground what happens with humans. That was created during this time on earth unearthly civilizations. We'll talk about the civilizations at the time excluded from the land. Removed from the land, because according to our research, which were made by the Board of the Coalition in 1945, and to this day, these studies are still being conducted — revealed the following. That a number of civilizations brought harm to earthlings. Irreparable harm. And because of this a number of civilizations is not entitled to admission to the interaction with the ground.
Some removed completely, irrevocably. That is, there is no connection whatsoever. Some have liaison with certain representatives who are in the flesh, the soul of these civilizations. And there are a number of relationships with certain egregors for those projects that have been started, and that gracious. That is the general gist of manifestation of civilization — the malicious, but this civilization, for example, spent gracious projects. And to complete these projects gracious to the new program, the links for some civilizations left.

Therefore, we can say — there are three types of trips from the land of certain civilizations. We will not now enumerate and call these civilizations, as the representation of the civilizations that you have — it is not entirely true. And if we call you a familiar name — it does not reflect the essence. Therefore, the essence is not that we will give you a definition of a civilization is off. And the essence of today's communication with you and our notification to you, humans, it is that we want to tell you, but what malware remained on the ground? And how to work with these malicious, that it did not give further consequences. And the topic, you already know it chips. Or Sensors, you can call it that humans have, very many earthlings. That were set, unfortunately, other civilizations. Which had to land ratio.

What kind of sensors. What are these chips. This is — energy.
No material properties. Sensor material, material chips — not on the dirt. No one put. They — not manifested. Even in the form of biological matter. This we will declare with full responsibility that we tell you. There are sensors energy. Once you emphasize the word — energy.
Therefore, you already feel better. Because when we started talking about it, especially when you do not have to talk about what you will say the name of civilization — you have gone very great excitement. You went to an alarm.

And because of this, we now have been told that there is no biological or physical sensors — you calm down. And energy — you think that is something that can not touch, do not touch. Whether it is, whether it — no. This is a matter of secondary importance. And here — you are deeply mistaken, when you're so self soothe. We is not talking to you in trouble lived. Not at all — no. We are telling you this is that the energy things — they are much more serious than just material. Very serious. We gave to the beginning, when there was a channel is included — 17 types of sensors or 17 kinds of chips, that there exists on earth, earthlings.

Some Shower manifested unearthly — these sensors are at birth. Because. through the sensor is communication with the homeland, so to speak. From the place where the soul came. And there are sensors in the earth souls who, on the one hand, to put, like, at first glance — with gracious intentions, that through these sensors communicate with earthlings will be more extensive. But research has shown — through these sensors were defined encoding of people to certain forms of manifestation of life, behavior and thought. Human psychology evolved. Outlook was formed. The sensors were not put on the children. The sensors were placed, from 16 years.

This process was. On the one hand, that it was known. But it was known as the fact that the sensors at birth — a heavenly shower. And it was natural, it was normal. But this is no one thought it was harmful. As for the representation of sensors specific Earthlings was also known, because it reveals that these sensors allow direct connection directly to earth souls. To help develop the earthly souls, getting directly to the subconscious level of knowledge and awareness.

That means — on a subconscious level?

Subconscious — we mean the experience. Experience Monads, that is — the soul at the level of the Soul.
That is, the experience that is positive in the Soul. Posed sensor — and he stepped up on this positive experience. It was known, it was acceptable, it was allowed. But … As studies — extraterrestrial civilization began to experiment on people. Experiments were conducted with just representation chip sensor. And so, the relationship is directly with the person directly go. And there was no activation of the positive experience, and activation of negative experiences. And the introduction of blocks of information. And the impact. Effects on brain function. Psychological effects, effects on the nervous system. The nervous system, emotional system — are closely related.

Some people were crammed with sensors. We gave you 17 sensors. We call them. Figure you'll get later. 17 sensors that are identified. 17 of sensor, which are identified by us. And some people — had a 10-15 sensors of different forms. Fact is that sensor one form — a sensor of one civilization.
That is, civilization — put one form of sensor. There were no sensors or chips, well, we call conditionally. You can still call on another. Different forms from one civilization — this was not.

But if the person — such a huge number of sensors. And it is subject to such a huge number of interactions — it is almost, almost — we're talking about sensors, suspended from the ground. But you are aware that there are sensors that are not excluded, but are delivered, it is permitted for the parameters. Again you become agitated and worried, and there is not prone to the sensor? There is. Of the world's population — 45% — subject to sensors 55% — without sensors.

Of heavenly showerIf 30% of … heavenly shower, only 25% — with sensors. 5% — no sensors.

This is what we as a percentage tell you, because you are so easy to understand. You are used to build on the percentage. Then you somehow share it all, multiply. And you have some idea of a quantitative state. But here — it is not the quantity. Well, naturally, not by law, the number of quality, once you have the idea — quality. Not as an essence. But the fact that you — knew it. Most importantly — you — knew. This — is the point.

The second point — that we say in the second part. On the removal of these sensors. Posed by excluded from land that harmful to humans. Now you calm down. You knew it was the Higher Power to help you, and so on. Yes, you're right. This is the second part of the essence. Go back to what we're talking about today — those sensors. We were told that there are 17 types of sensors. And you are right you can bet parallel many civilizations put these sensors. 17 civilizations.
Therefore, we will give in the following list — which form to which civilization is concerned. But it will not be given now, as today, we do not call civilization. Explaining what you have — the understanding of civilization — is not true. Do you have — an abbreviation, and you on the acronym — speculate.

We digress a bit, let's say that a civilization that communicates with you — it is obliged to tell you about myself. Civilization must necessarily be said about their form, their achievements, their experiences. And talk to an accessible understanding of modern human language. On the form of the language, which is communication through the contactor. Now we will communicate in Russian. Because contactee talks to you in Russian. But we can. Go back to the sensors. Now we will quote you the sensors that are. The first … It does not matter — the first, second, tenth, seventeen. Well, just like that — we order. This order we have established. According to this order. This is to the order as they were, were detected sensors. Sensors are not detected immediately instantly all. They revealed gradually. And by the sequence detection sensors — so they have built, in that order.

Sensor — plate

What it is? Well, you can imagine four-sided rectangular plate 3 to 4 cm in metallic colors.
Metallic color — metallic. It is such a plate, which is being implemented in man. Directly to the person. At the level of … This inside the skull. So to speak. At the level of subcortical brain.
Usually they are found in the area, if you make a ring around the head, that is the highest part of the rim. How do you measures the size of the head. It is in this area of the plates have been identified. During the long stay of the plate — it took on the color of dark metal to black.

What gave this plate is embedded in the human … The energy, once again we are telling you — the energy … No X-ray devices you can not prove it. This can only see who really developed a subtle vision.

That is — ask a question — is there a sensor in humans — specifically the plate, then you will see manifest.

What gave this plate?
She gave the man impulses. Pulses when one freezes as freeze happens, the animals before jumping or stalking prey. The man froze and stayed for a while in prostration. And at that time went through the plate on human impulses that result in people follow certain guidelines behavioral properties.

Plate — this behavior.
What does a person's behavior? As he walks, how he moves. How they interact in certain situations in the physical world.

The second sensor — another plate, but also plate.

Round. As a disk. — Diameter — 0, 5 cm to 2 cm. Plate root in cervical vertebrae. Most — the second, third cervical vertebra. And inserts — in intervertebral discs. That is, the intervertebral disc — there was a plate.

When the plate was in progress — a person could be a feeling that hardens his neck, it's hard to turn your head, that stiffness in the wrong place. This indicated that the plate at the time of the received pulses. Impulses which gave as a result — also behavioral nature, and attitudinal. The man built a certain worldview. We can assure you that the world — not the best properties. Outlook destructive properties. This is — militancy. This is — aggressiveness.
This is — one might say — killing another person. We can say — the formation of a band of men-killers. So to speak. Not necessarily, not always. But, nevertheless, this plate had this focus and the property. In humans could be headaches to nausea. But without vomiting. Just severe nausea.

Next chip — the ball

Tight ball. He looks like metal silver. The size of the ball diameter — from 1 to 2 cm, 5 cm. These balls or pellets — a fraction, may be called, have been identified in different places. In the area Sahasrara — benevolent, near the spine — between the shoulder blades. And in sacrum, where there are no spine, but there is pelvis.

That these pellets or these metal balls were given and made?
They were near the spine. That is, within the body, but not on the spine, and around the spine. Not in the skull — about skull. In the distance — 0, 5 cm. On a physical level, this could occur as a manifestation of pain — as radiculitis, osteohandroz. Although the shoulder blades, but similar pain. Acute pain — it's hard to turn. Difficult to move. In the area of Sahasrara — when is dark eyes,
and man can polupoteri memory. That is, do not lose consciousness, that is — sorry — polupoteri consciousness. Not lost consciousness — but dark eyes, sonitus and is about to be loss of consciousness. But consciousness is not lost in the process.

What gave these balls, these pellets are placed in these areas a person?
and). In the area Sahasrara — They gave a state of panic, terror.
Man could acquire a state of panic, terror — wanton. And while people behaved very violently, violently. Dispelling panic around. He behaved in a state of danger. And methane, shouted, cried. And this pellet dissipated around him at a distance of 10 m, that is — radius of 10 m from this pellet — created panic field.
Everyone who got into the field — also began to panic, not knowing why, even though they have — the pellets were not. We now do not you speak temporal parameters — when what chips were placed. But pellets — put not so long ago. Although there is a very old pellets. And periodically they were. Introduced in the people and in different times of epochal certain eras.

Next — we called a tadpole.
Spiral, seals, torsinnoe. Dense education, sorry blame. Go back to the pellets. We are not told, that is, between the shoulder blades and sacrum. Sorry. Rushed.

Pellet, which between the shoulder blades — able to give the person — breathe heavily. For no reason, no reason — people began to choke and thought that he — an allergy to something. Internal state of panic, a state of fear of death.
What a person choking. This gave the state of anxiety around that person really looked like a dying man, gasping. Pathetic to this man. And in fact — to involve other people in violation of the law, and live — in violation of the laws of the universe, the laws of God, the Absolute.

Pellet, which the rump — We have already told you — it condition sciatica.
When it is difficult to move, difficult to bend, and so on. And the man thinks he lifted heavy, cold, chill and stuff. Person for a period of time it became inactive. During this period the person was dependent immobility. Dependent on the circumstances, those in which it was when I started this pellet to be active. To being addicted, people began create a field of danger.
That is, people feel isolated. He is inactive and marginalized. But he created a field isolation. To him people are not suitable, because subconsciously felt danger. And he needed help because he found it hard to wear shoes, it was difficult to move, take care of himself. And at that time there were not people he provided this assistance. And it feelings of hopelessness, loneliness. Feeling that there is reason to live. Suicidal ideation. But do not commit suicide, just intentions. This pellet.

Next "tadpoles"

Next — we have already told you. We have named — tadpole, torsion coiled education. Spiral. Look — as leech. The same mobile, just bites, with the same thin tail wriggling. And the same dark color. Dark color. We can say — metallic dark blue.
Would look like. Leech — it is more brownish color because the color gets to us because of the blood that pumps from the man. And here — a blue metallic color. Bluish, so to speak. These sensors — can be anywhere. Could be in the region heart, could be in the region Liver. That is, in the internal organs. In the area Lung. All the internal organs, which do you have — in the area of the internal organs are formed, manifested sensors.

What are they given?
Diseases of. Spontaneously and unexpectedly — inflammation of the body and then — long chronic disease. This gave the man what a man just beginning to think about their health. How to get rid of the pain, the fear that can die, and so on. Man ceased to be an active member of the community. He has been paly complexion. Very dry skin. Man self-contained
to the next of a pulse, which was given through these tadpoles. Man suddenly changed. Differently starting to show. Very unpleasant education. Very bad sensor. Many people exhausted. Psychologically exhausted. Psychologically, the man was in depression status.

Next — we call "worm '

It tape education izgibchatoe. Yes, we ask for forgiveness. Tadpole — size — from 1.5 to 3 cm. Size worm — a small such tape. Well, maybe shnuroobraznye, so to speak. No tape is flat and ribbon winding round diameter. Color — white. Size — 2.5-3 cm. Was inside the human body subcutaneously. On the human body can manifest boils and any other pryscheobraznye education. Anywhere in the body could be a tape and even some — there were several sensors. On one person standing.

That these tape or worm — gave to man?
The man showed himself Very excited, when the sensor starts to work. This manifested itself in excitement. Horny man had something quickly, urgently done. And if he did not immediately understand what to do — he started itch.
Then it is the place where the sensor begins to itch just before combing to the blood. So to speak. And it's not comforting person while the person still does not do what needs to be done quickly, quickly, immediately. And usually — it was due to the fact that you had another person release the information frightening properties. Frightening properties personal.
When the other person receiving such information is nothing else I could not think, as of the moment, which frightened him. While we will name five species.

Next sensor we called [/ b] «Sticks'

Looks like a wand. Take match, and break in half, just to make it thin. And the color of this match greenish, sometimes bright green, literally fluorescent. These sensors are placed sticks in the blood man, in blood vessels, and as the blood flow sensor gave information on blood.
The blood carries information throughout the body, and went light on the blood, not the sensor itself, and from blood. Radiation went outside. Radiation were linear character,
not spherical and linear in a certain direction. These directions were manifested when a person is synchronized with information this exciting properties associated with the life of humanity. Well, more often military events, different riots etc. Man heard from the media that information is synchronized with it, and began at the space through the sensor, through the blood to send radiation.

Radiation of character, as you can see the green laser beam. Immediately went to the place radiation that excites the place where the collision occurs, a strong enough level. We're talking riots, war, you name revolutions. Sometimes a man to five, six of these sticks. The man then quickly in one direction, then another, then a third, five — six areas went radiation. This is a rod-shaped chips in the blood.

The next type we call 'poppy".

Well, that's a lot of chips, grid chips, so to speak. But the grid is not as links connected to each other, and how would a handful of poppy, was placed in an opening in the head and body, in the back of. Not the man himself, at a distance of 10cm.
Look: black point sequence. Man could see the chips at the time of awakening, a moment of sleep. These chips affect vision person on eyes person on radiation from the eye person.

When the chips were activated, the eyes showed different emission properties. As you say, jinxed.
That is, people have to look at something and think, and so it happened. For example, there is a beautiful girl, a man who has these chips, looks at her and thinks, " Yes, it is beautiful, and beautiful, but inside all rotten". The girl was sick quickly, it will rot internal organs.

That is, it is just an example, right? As it was enough to think thought-form immediately after the eye has been the object, and where all the action took place, which were laid out in the program, and it is released through the eyes, through the poppy this network.

Yes, you think, "Well, what can I have done on Earth".
Agree with you.

Say "terribly"Is not the right word, even the word" terrible "does not fit. Catastrophic,
Yes, and not catastrophic. There is not a word you can define all of what we are now you prophesy. No definition of this word. It is not permissible. Here it will be the right word.

Say, "Why admitted". Therefore admitted that there Law of Free Will, there Teacher's system,
which should control and see that there are various other control systems that can be said roughly proshlyapil. Proshlyapil all these moments. Therefore the coalition council took up close, so we're talking to you what has been investigated thoroughly. Has not yet been thoroughly investigated, the information leaked a thin beam, sometimes on Earth, but not bulky. Now we're talking about the bulk of information to the study, which was conducted by the Board of the Coalition. We, the peacemaker, you are authorized to announce it.

Next chip We called it "cloudlet".

It looks like a cloud. Maybe cumulus, maybe plumed, but he color poisonous yellow-green-ocher,
Here's a color. We are talking in a language, because it reveals a contactee, knowledgeable art. Therefore, we will say so color. What does this cloud. It is not noticeable. It is very difficult to determine. It is not apparent. In general, to determine the sensor is not so easy. If you think it's so easy, you're wrong.

All right. Methods for determination of sensors, it is our job. We do not we will now tell you. There are different ways to determine.

Cloud … The cloud, which placed in a person's biofield, it was at different levels, could be on etheric level, Astral, on mental, but it was not on the level of the soul, rather be called the aura of a man, but had a connection with the soul. Cloud migrant, it does not bind to a specific organ or a specific part of the body, it has a migrating state.

This cloud give a person a sense of confidence, a sense of impunity, a sense of self-sufficiency, in fact, created a monster.
The man was not afraid, a person could take any action, well, it can be said the adventurer, but very high quality. A person could be on the edge of the roof, not to fear, that falls, go through the small bridge curb and know that will not fall. Splurge a youth. But this is purely superficial bluster. Internally it was the creation of a number of people fearless, which in any critical situation, know what to do. These were people of the future, of which make future residents mega state. Cloud appeared twenty years ago,
not before. Periodically, we have already told you, there were earlier all these chips, but they were rare. And in large quantities, which we told you a percentage, they appeared not so long ago. Some even very recently.

Next chip — Spiral flat spiral.

We call "Spiral — snail". Chip from the counter-clockwise is a lot of turns, he could be nominated as ulitochka and folded flat, in motion. Diameter a snail 1.5-2cm, more often 1.7 cm. Snail green and black. Root in the feet man internal palms man armpits and inguinal Depression, rarely been between the fingers.

In the hollow of the cochlea are. But this was not a snail, man does not feel absolutely nothing. At the physical level, no way manifested. This snail created state malicious person.
The man who thought out in advance the harm it may cause to another person, not just a person, any object, any creature on earth, and the feeling of joy. It can be said sadists. Sadistic state. As long as man does not do this damage is not thought out and do not realize, he will not rest, it is bad, it is bad. When he would do harm … it's not murder, do not. This is not a killer. They do not deprive anyone of life, but it's sadistic, they could torture him.

Next chip, We called it "crystal'

But this quadrilateral pyramid with two vertices, so it looks transparent, completely transparent, glass, invisible. Was over a man's head at a distance of 10-12cm also in the same area, as we said, if you make a rim, and cone top, in this here place.

What created this crystal?
He created in the mind blocks, that create stereotypes, formed complexes.
Stereotype that did not depend on me, everything is a foregone conclusion, all is over, I'm a small fry, I can not, I have to — have to, but he does not understand that I must — must. This is a stereotype. Complexes — inferiority complex.

Next. Next we call "needle'

Size — 4-5cm, metallic, like a needle, but without the abalone. Place near the spine, in front spine, not the rear, front, along spine sometimes across.
Needle. The needles are usually located in the area the stomach, is the area above the diaphragm.

What gave the needle?
Needle gave confidence confidence in himself. Gave the state irreconcilability,
that all the terms are wrong, I know the best, and you know nothing. What we did not say, will argue and defend the other side, fully confident that the opposite side of the truth, so to speak, self-confident man in myself. Such a person is very easy to move up the career ladder. But such a person to create slaves around him, hat in hand, so, or rabostrastnyh. Those who felt the force of the man and subordinate to this power, and changed his outlook, his attitude one hundred and eighty degrees, because the person would definitely say the opposite. Say to black: white, the white will say, black, and so is able to affirmatively demonstrate that the other person submits.

These chips were few in the history of mankind. Black leaders had this chip. But at the time these chips were a lot of people have found, though, regardless of gender: male or female, regardless of age. But age, we have said, not before 16 years.

To 16 years, it was inviolable, and no chip is placed. Only with the birth of children who were born extraterrestrial. The other chips had no earthly birth to none. Here, you can be assured their children. To 16 years. And after 16 … uh-uh … Calm unlikely.

Next chip — "cube'

Cube. Dimensions, as you see, no big chips. Cube, the line 1.5 cm to 2.5. Block dense, ivory. Cube placed in the neck.

What gave the dice. He transmuted the information that a person hears through the ears. Transmute the information that is obtained through the ears, was issued through the eyes of a distorted.
That is, a person hears one, takes quite a different through the eyes he gives what he took another. If we said that was shown through the eyes as the evil eye, the program, there is manifest distortion, as false mirror, so to speak. And people began to see the reality in a distorted way.

Daltonian often subject to such chips, but blindness is not a chip disease. Simply we tell you, as a person perceives reality distorted. Color-blind, color distortion. Here we have in mind, the perception eyes, the reality was distorted perception of man, when the ear was a cube. The man did not take this chip, it can not be physically felt. But, nevertheless, it had existed, and in some, there is at this day.

Next chip — a tetrahedron

This polyhedron. Polyhedron color silver — iridescent, almost platinum. Polyhedron 1-1.5 cm in diameter.

Place to the area of the throat chakra, sometimes included even in thyroid. He gave the man oratory opened, people began to say that he was listened to attentively all, a person could make a sound — sing,
and listened spellbound. But, at this point fascination of listening and hearing, the person received at the subconscious level of vibration that have made his mind in the future state of duality.
People feel uncomfortable, not good, that this world is unpleasant to him, because there is a different world, he will not be available. We can say the division between rich and poor, and the state is a poor man.

Next chip we call "Clove'

Looks the seed cloves, cloves cook yours. So about looks. The color of this chip is red, dark red. The chip was placed in a lymphatic.
Lymphatic system carrying the chip. Well, you can not say, well, yes, lymphatic system, still in the lymphatic system. And the activity of this chip lymphatic carried to the organs of internal secretion certain information, so to speak.

Which was manifested in a person?
In person shows stupidity, so to speak. The man did not develop their intelligence. People or what was not interested, in addition as the tale … "Light my mirror tell me the truth so report it, I only weapon in the world all the sweeter, all ruddy and whiter"Except for the appearance. You know these people. This pernicious, is not acceptable. As you say, it is the corruption of man. Corruption of its development, its evolution. Sorry, but it is. Cloves.

Next chip we call "crew cut'

It looks light green, you have fruit similar. Size from 1cm to 4cm. These hedgehogs are a 5-7cm from the body man, and like a cloud they migrated, in any place could be. These chips are a level elusive. They are difficult to find, they immediately hide, move to another location.

The manifestation of these chips in a man is that man begins to show … so to say a word, schemer.
Put network psychological network, other people to these networks psychological confused, lost the meaning of life, etc. In the other we do not know how to explain, but I guess it was clear that we have in mind.

Next chip we call "pussy'

If the hedgehog — the chip round, spherical, like a hedgehog, it is approximately the same just fluffy. Well, kind of soft toy is round, you can imagine — pussy. This pussy the color pink — Pearl. Pink — pearl pussy looks very attractive. And man created exactly appeal,
superficially charming man became very attracted to one people over their appearance. No matter what kind of appearance was not, people just transformed, becoming very attractive in appearance, but it is very heartless inside.

Such a person is a pleasure that they admire the fact that this person can manipulate the feelings of another person, of pleasure the suffering that had been in another person because of his good looks gave background to show feelings to himself, but to the feelings not reciprocated. Well, it's something like that can be explained.

And last chip we call "chain'

This is not a chain in the rings, and chain of the ball … well, in the form of a spindle. This chain was usually from 4.5 units. Also metallic color, almost platinum. This chain was placed inside the physical body, in bone. And there was designed to change a person's DNA, the formation of blood with other DNA. H

It gave to man?
Mutation. In humans mutated physical body.

Unfortunately, we found only the chips. Most other chips have been identified, those that are malicious, there are 17 pieces. This is pernicious legacy, so to speak, EC, which made the world not valid states in which people live. These chips were only intended for people,
any other biological creatures on Earth, they were not intended. Some chips were present earlier, several thousand years ago, a few hundred years ago, a few decades ago. Unfortunately, it is.

We have a question for you the following property: we continue or we will separate channeling, by the way in neutralizing chips. Our offer is to make a separate channeling, because now we can not, it's a lot of stress on you energy is to continue, so we suggest that you call us chips, you get a picture, you can learn. And then we will make extraordinary channeling July 10 At the same time, as today we have been, where we are going to talk the neutralization of these chips.
Therefore, we do not even ask you, do you agree or not, we just have to inform you that by now whether it is advisable not to continue. We are ready to proceed with a break after 10 minutes to answer the questions for half an hour, but no more. The leader, you have the floor.

Moderator: Thank you for the Peacekeeper lecture, thank Alter

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