Constantine Loukashov: I was fired from the institute, who founded my grandfather

Belarus continues to persecute those who had to do with the presidential election on December 19. People are losing their jobs, students expelled from universities. A few days ago to the number of unemployed has joined researcher Belarusian Research Institute of geological exploration Loukashov Constantine, who was a trustee of the presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich.

Michas Scoble: "Constantine, you belong to a famous dynasty of Belarusian geologists: your grandfather Constantine Loukashov an academician, rector of the Belarusian State University, and his father — Valentine Loukashov — Doctor of Sciences and a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Gealegiyu you went after his grandfather, or is it it was really your call? "

Konstantin Lukashov"It must have been calling. After all, if you were born in a family of geologists, it is clear that a child living among the rocks, you hear conversations on relevant topics. Remember when we used to play with his father and grandfather in the woods near the house, they talked all the time about gealegiyu. Usually, the children are asked about something the parents: where stones? why trees sway? where clouds float? Because my parents to such questions were always answered very thoroughly, scientifically. Even as a child I had a very good experience in the field of gealegii, and it so happened that I extended the dynasty. "

Scoble: "Did you work in an academic institution for more than 18 years. Under what circumstances was your dismissal?"

January 19 I was suddenly summoned to the human resources department and was told that I was no longer working for the Institute …

Loukashov: "It so happened that on January 31 ended my contract. But I can not say that I was fired according to labor laws. Fact that there was another reorganization of our Belarusian Research Institute of geological exploration. Division geothermal, where I worked, merged with the Department of Geophysics. course, if eliminated any unit, in accordance with certain rules we have all received notice this month that we fired. But these papers we have received the knowledge that all go to the Department of Geophysics, and I myself quietly working on the same subject. But on January 19 I suddenly called to the personnel department and was told that I was no longer working for the institute. dismissal order signed by the director of the Institute Kovhuto Andrew Arlenavicham. This coincided with the publication in the newspaper "Belarus today."

Scoble: "I remind you that this is a well-known publication" Behind the scenes of one conspiracy. "There's a list of" government of national salvation "and your name is listed. How did it get there?"

Loukashov: "I would like to say, that name there — even without the initials. Horrible it there with the light hand of the organizing committee for the creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy. Organizing Committee in June of last year, made a good thing, since the policy around the world create shadow governments. This is a normal practice, it is completely zakonnnaya, it is logical, it is always necessary to show both the population and the authorities that there is an alternative … Another thing is that neither me, nor with some of my friends on that list, none of this is consistent. "

Scoble: "Do you think that the publication of this list has affected your dismissal?"

Lukashev"I know that it has affected, and that was the last straw that forced the new management to fire me. But I, unfortunately, there is no evidence. Perhaps I have the right to say that someone called someone … But I do not want to set a precedent, because it's still zavyazne in disputes. They will say that this was not what Loukashov lying. "

Scoble: "You worked at the institute, who founded your grandfather. Lot for the Belarusian gealegii did your father. How do you assess the state of contemporary Russian gealegii?"

As in the 50s was lysenkavshchyna, then and now we have something like this happens …

Loukashov: "The state of the Belarusian gealegii the last ten years, unfortunately, deteriorated quite stable. At our institute, which is really my grandfather founded, instrument base with the 70-ies of the last century has not changed. Clearly, we had computers, something else is modern, but the basic instruments — very old. When was the structural reform of the Academy, we have started the process to make certain branches of science suitable for the present regime. Unfortunately, as always, and it was already in Soviet history, science and technology have confused . wanted people who are in power, a scientist something immediately picked up and laid on the table. Both in the 50s was lysenkavshchyna, then and now we have something like this happens., ten years ago I was on a scientific mission at the University of Granada in Spain.'s where I struck up a conversation with a professor of mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. And I asked him what exactly he was doing. professor replied sincerely, like all Americans, engaged in the surface geometry of two abstract bubbles. When I asked what benefit to the economy of these research, he looked at me like I was eccentric, and said, "I'm not interested." This should be a real and fundamental science. For those States that can afford such studies, all will be well. "

Scoble: "Did you participate in the election campaign — was a trustee of the presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich. He urged people in the square, he did not criticize the government. How do you think that is why he was in jail?"

Lukashev"It is only at first glance it seems that Mikhalevich — a guy 35 years old, who good-naturedly refers to power. Unless you criticize something,

I appreciate what has happened in Belarus after December 19, the classic Kidnapping …

This does not mean that you are with this pagazhaessya and accept it. Indeed, during our company had no criticism of the government, so why do we have to lose some time and resources to combat that with which obviously can not be tolerated. If you have the opportunity to say that you can do good, do not take the time to tell you why it turned out badly. I will not say that it was a political mistake, that it was sagging under the rule, it was such an identity. And the actual election results showed that Michalevic was quite dangerous man. It seems to be the guy came out of nowhere and has received substantial electoral support. Of course, it is dangerous for the government. After mode looks at the future: if your opponent will have 5 years to prepare for the next election or two years to prepare the parliament, it will be very difficult to stop. Michalevic — politician, unlike many ex-candidates, and it is why I supported this company. The authorities apparently believed by TV air that it is soft, and is very easy to make it a variant of the a-la-Romanchuk, but it turned out that he was a changed man. And to compromise with the government will not do. So to say that Michalevic planted by accident, however. For the current government is dangerous. In general, I appreciate what happened in Belarus after December 19, Kidnapping as a classic. It is clear that the basket with three presidential candidates, more than one. As it was after the last election, when the prison was alone Kozulin. Now this shopping cart has become more significant. "
Scoble: "You are not the first time came under repression. Four years ago you served two months imprisonment. What causes this your active citizenship?"

Loukashov: "I would not say that I have a very active civil position.'s Just that I kind of person who does not care. Today we skochvaemsya to the state, where the basic rule of conduct for the citizen — the consumer and the trimmer. Never like I was, so I just vydyalyayusya against this background. Here you mention my past criminal history. then had the usual seat of power for my brother Vyacheslav Siuchyk. Its pretty badly beaten up after the presidential election in 2006 and would continue to mock him. But then I came and gave lawlessness. Literally lawlessness, for no justified the detention of a person who still on sick leave, which is thrown out of the hospital … "

Scoble: "The same thing happened on Dec. 19 with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu."

"Exactly. This is the same style. Perhaps those involved are the same people. They do not care who beat: my brother or a presidential candidate. Know, Anastas Mikoyan, very aptly said of the 30 years' time Scoundrels. "Unfortunately, this time in Belarus. In 2007, there were elections to the Minsk City Council, it was necessary to hold me in custody. incriminate What? decided to tie it to events with his brother. do not know what kind of perverted logic. Was not neither the offense nor the circumstances of the crime, the state has shown that in Belarus there is no law enforcement, no judicial system. And today we are seeing the same, just on a higher level. There is no structure, no evidence of a crime, and the people sit, and sit them a lot. And not only those who were simply in the Square. If after the elections behind bars fall presidential candidates, it is said that the state — no. Nowhere is this was not. Belarus ranks first in the world in such categories that not even ashamed to have a sense of surrealism — this can not be … But — can. Very precisely Viktor Shenderovich said: "Belarus may all come to a whiskered head." And that's a shame. "

Scoble: "For the expelled after the events at the Plaza students open their doors European Humanities University, other educational institutions abroad. A scientist dismissed where to go?"

Loukashov: "I did not yet thought of. Gealegiyay associated with academic 18 years of my life. If you're doing something with one, then it is very difficult to stop. Need some time to understand what happened. Personally, I have not a very difficult position, despite the fact that I am 40 years old. There are several institutions, unfortunately, in the diaspora who are happy to see me. How I work in this area, I constantly received offers from around the world. They just need smart people. Did not even specialists in geophysics, or geothermal, just sensible scholars in the field gealegii. They're in demand, this is normal, but all the time something stopped me. I can not say that this is patriotism, but it is very difficult to leave Belarus. Now is such a complex time for my country. Maybe it has something sounds pathetic, but I say it sincerely. Today, when I was quite unnecessary your country, there is a definite desire to leave. But I believe that in this situation it is not necessary to take quick decisions, we must all weighed. Perhaps something useful I can do more in Belarus. "

Scoble: "You are doing geothermal energy, which explores the thermal energy of the earth. As far as the science perspective in Belarus? We just seem to hot geysers from the ground is not beaten."

In Belarus there are conditions to the energy of the earth to heat the home …

Loukashov: "Hearing the word" geatermiya ", our people immediately imagine the Geysers in Kamchatka, where hot water gushes out of the ground. But this phenomenon is not necessarily so manifest. All of us know that in the depths of the Earth is very hot. And the deeper we are doing well, the the higher the temperature. We have certain conditions for the development of geothermal energy, but not in the sense that we can do the installation, which will generate electricity. Belarus has conditions to Earth energy to heat homes, our potential is very great depths. Each house has a refrigerators. And what is the geothermal installation? refrigerator is the opposite. At 1 kilowatt of electricity we can get 5-6 kilowatts of thermal energy, using just the warmth of our mineral resources. "

Scoble: "So, maybe it is not necessary to build a nuclear power plant, and to invest in the development of these projects?"

Loukashov: "Funds to invest in geothermal projects, definitely worth it. There are many possibilities."

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