Divorce with General

Alexander Frolov, a former Minister Serdyukov and his patrons

With the generals are held not only Chekhov's marriage, but there are divorces. This assured me again last television interview with Prime Minister Medvedev praises abandoned Defense Minister Serdyukov. Medvedev obviously wants to marry the latest by the Minister after the divorce. And Putin does not want to. Although Serdyukov, in accordance with the designs of the Supreme Commander, lowered the conscription service term up to 1 year and increased the foreign exchange allowances for servicemen and military pensioners increment apartments providing officers, etc. Maybe Putin does not believe in luck Serdyukov as he himself would have such measures never offered.

Divorce with General

Yet, I have this at the top divorce approve, because it provokes the army to "unrest". So they need! With all this clarify that own a very hostile relationship to the "Russian army" I have never hidden and not hide it. Believed and continue to believe that the Russian Army was killed in 1991, betraying everything that could be put to. A so called Russian army completely destroyed in 1993 and underwent a presence in its ranks of executioners, shot by tanks Council House. Military exploits of individual generals, officers and their subordinate units in Chechnya — the exception only confirms the generally accepted rule. This is true in all states and rotting said during the collapse of the country's first collapses army. In other words, not "Yeltsin and Gaidar and Grachev" came and destroyed the army, and the opposite — the army fell apart at first, and later invited "Yeltsin, Gaidar, Grachev." Wines her for that exorbitant and has no statute of limitations.

So I Frolov, AK, who served active duty sergeant and dembelnuvshiysya Russian Army in the far 1970, fiercely despise and detest this "Russian army" as a collective traitor own homeland. In particular, I can not stand her for the shooting of the Council House. And do not support the later escheat sample left-patriotic opposition cure this zabyvshuyu the oath "army" of chatter about some kind of "defense of the fatherland." Always believed and continue to believe that "the army" was killed, and the cure is not realistic. Now let it get cold and cough in the form of "from Yudashkin." Its historical fate — the final cold. Because I Favourable enthusiastically looked at how minister Defense Serdyukov designed the notary this death. I emphasize: minister Defense did not kill, but only stated the death of writing out death certificates and warrants coffins.

In all that concerns the disposition of property of the deceased, Serdyukov — a humanist, which is not much. He knew what and how to steal it coming, and will continue to steal after. Neither 1st Gen. caught stealing this funny smiling fat man did not give a court martial, but simply drove them from the trough. Serdyukov only mildly changed the subject of theft. On the replacement of the "green men" as "playful" Serdyukov called a patriotic generals came blonde with legs from the ears. The only thing that was disrespectful blonde in relation to the "green men", that is what they are in advance of sending them to hell mate. It's early …

In response, outraged and ousted from the trough generals cried out about the loss of the country's defense. Howling so loudly that the uninitiated can loaf that Serdyukov to destination army like flourished and increased defense without annoying her that before Serdyukov as if no one stole and did not sell all that bad, or even good lies. Do you remember the case-trafficked tanks still in predsovmine Ryzhkov "concern" ANT, which "Soviet Russia" wrote back in 1989? And how much was stolen during the withdrawal of Russian troops from Germany and even scary to remember.

Serdyukov's task was the fact that the "civilized" end the share sale of property of the Ministry of Defense, which did not have time to implement and Raskraste Grachev, Sergeyev and Ivanov before. And the "civilized" distribute income from the sale of shares. Judging by the fact that Serdyukov was removed, the proceeds from the sale of shares were not distributed because it was planned — that's all. Prime Minister Medvedev is in contrast to the thinking differently Putin continues to insist that rassredotachivanie revenue was fair. In this and only in this — in the calculations couple billion (dollars) in that or other side — and is the difference between the views of the Prime Minister and the President on military reform and defense of the country.

What is the result of the crotch? Serdyukov decided to divorce his generals MO. Putin has also decided not to divorce and keep the general "favor." These differences do not fundamentally. Therefore divorce and the wedding will not take place soon with General to continue.

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