Август 2011
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Lost Kingdom of the Maya Watch online

Lost Kingdom of the Maya Watch online
For a long time before Christopher Columbus came to the South American mainland, in the terrain of Mexico and Central America was powerful government — the kingdom Maya. A thousand years ago, this is an unusual company astrologers, priests, farmers and professional artisans who created the campus and facilities dazzling beauty, came to a tragic end, who was overwhelmed mysteries and legends. How is it that one of the most majestic civilizations in the history of the world's population has fallen, leaving the descendants of the abandoned ruins of the abandoned and dilapidated temples? You know it by looking at the next nainteresneyshy movie of the "Golden Collection" National Geographic Society. For you will hear the fascinating story of the rise and fall of the kingdom Maya and find out about his latest bloody hours. Tireless filmmakers invite the viewer on a journey into the mysteries of the majestic and mysterious realm Maya

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology