Reincarnation BTR-152 — BPM-97 The Shot

Reincarnation BTR-152 - BPM-97 "The Shot"

The idea of creation and the usual mass-produced at low cost armored car "cargo" units are not new. Such designs have been particularly popular in the USSR in the years 1930-50: take, for example, the post-war BTR-40 and BTR-152 (which served as the basis for, respectively, the all-wheel drive GAZ-63 and ZIS-151). Then our country has opted for a more powerful and massive armored personnel carriers, but time has shown that the demand for a light-axle armored vehicles remained.

Reincarnation BTR-152 - BPM-97 "The Shot"

In 1997, KAMAZ and Moscow State Technical University. Bauman with the introduction of units and aggregates production car inflated cross KAMAZ-4326 chassis layout was created by the car "shot" with the iron hull, later designated "Border armored car BMP-97. " APC is commonplace for civilian vehicles of the class size and can be used as a criteria for off-road and on public roads or public use without restriction. With all of this armored vehicle maintains the speed and maneuverability of the truck.

The primary purpose is to provide a vehicle operations personnel of the border troops of a broad range of applications for the protection of state borders. Additionally developers should consider the use of machines in versions headquarters or a patrol car. Armored car can transport the wounded, to serve in the exploration, as needed to transport prisoners or values.

Reincarnation BTR-152 - BPM-97 "The Shot"

Welded housing from Kurgan — suspension. The upper part of the body can withstand shots from mnogokalibernogo 12.7-mm machine gun NSV a distance of 300 m, and the lower part of the food — from the 7.62-mm SVD sniper rifle from a distance of 30 m, reinforced and bottom. Car broken down into the engine compartment and the compartment for the crew and troops. Performed on the body side and rear stern doors, access doors and hatches for the landing of an engineer and senior car.

On BMP-97 equipped with two 125 liter tank self-sealing and optional 20 liter tank in an armored body. Car equip auxiliary heater allows you to maintain the operating temperature in the compartment for the crew and troops, regardless of the motor. Just the car has filter system.

The use of standardized components and assemblies can provide mileage to repair Polga 270 kilometers. Serial components and assemblies to simplify the processes of production and repair of the vehicle. The assembly allows you to create inspection and repair of technical equipment set up for serial production vehicles and chassis of KAMAZ. The use of serial production units has significantly lower the price of the car.

Reincarnation BTR-152 - BPM-97 "The Shot"

Properties of BMP-97

Wheel formula 4×4
Combat weight, kg 10500
Towing capacity 5,000 kg
Combat crew 2 +8
Ground clearance, mm 365
The armor protection protivopulevaya
Slider (Type) of KAMAZ-740.10-20 (L, V8)
Motor power HP 240
The highest velocity 90 km / h
In store down the highway, 1,100 km
Gradeability 30 degrees
Fording, 1.75 m

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