Repressed in trouble will not leave

Repressed and victims of political persecution Brest democratic organizations and parties offer assistance and compensation.

The head of the Brest regional branch of the Belarusian Free Trade Union Valentin Lazarenkov reported, the union negotiates with the Ukrainian colleagues that from Belarus will be able to relax in the summer thousands of people on the Black Sea. Ukrainian trade unions have made such a proposal in a month after the presidential elections in Belarus:

If we Ukraine offers such opportunities through their trade unions, this is what we call solidarity …

"The results of the election, the discussion of sanctions against the Belarusian regime has caused supply Ukrainian trade unions take to the rest of the Belarusian citizens. Therefore, I believe that if we Ukraine offers such opportunities through their unions, then that is what we call solidarity. Moreover, solidarity not only with the trade unions, but also with the Belarusian civil society . "

The vouchers will be offered primarily those who have suffered from political persecution in the country, says Valentin Lazarenkov:

"It is clear that in the first place will be invited to those who suffered from the regime. Still unknown, but it is possible that we treat other conditions. Generally we had not raised the issue of cooperation in such areas of Trade Unions of Ukraine. And now they have proposed . "

Brest regional organization of the United Civil Party in determining the future of the former students learning foreign languages department of the Brest State University Alina Lytvynchuk in foreign countries. Alina was expelled from the university, she said, for political reasons, says UCP Vladimir Wujek:

"We are now considering the possibility of the device Alina abroad. Sent a few emails. Still difficult to say where it will be able to arrange that. But what this issue is resolved, it is clear. "

Other opposition groups and parties also are working to maintain those who were seized during the searches office.


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