Rocket ships of the Baltic Fleet successfully completed live fire

Rocket ships of the Baltic Fleet has successfully completed live fire

In the course of the reference check for winter training ships connection missile boats Baltic naval base (BVMB) under the command of Captain 1st Rank Alexei Apanovich completed more than 20 missile firings.

In accordance with the plan battle training fleet in the landfill, located in the waters of Baltic Sea naval strike group of small missile ships "Geyser" and "Downpour" and 2-missile boats "Zarechniy" and P-129 successfully completed a joint missile firing on a difficult target, simulating the detachment of warships of the enemy.

Martial exercises were carried out in the framework of tactical doctrine, which was held under the control of the acting commander BVMB Captain 1st Rank Oleg Ignasyuka.

In the process of checking vehicles in the general difficulty was passed more than two thousand nautical miles, carried artillery firing at air and sea targets, and also worked out practical tasks on the execution of floating mines and production of electronic jamming.

Quickly and smoothly operated and crews in solving problems kontrdiversionnoy struggle, the fight for survival of the ships on the move.

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