The authorities are struggling with social networks

On Friday, June 3, KGB officers visited Sergei Pavlyukevich, administrator of Commons on the site "March of Millions" and "We stand for great Belarus", and Dmitry Nefedov, who was in charge of a group of "Revolution through a social network". Pavlyukevich forced to delete the Community vkontakte "We are great for Belarus!" And Nefedov was taken to Akrestin and intend to judge for allegedly using foul language during the search.

Community "March of Millions" performed for the resignation of Lukashenko. Participants called for the march to begin on July 15 in the central square of Minsk. Community "Revolution through a social network" called on people to come out at a certain time in the main square of the city. All of these communities are quite numerous, says an expert on social networks Alexei Leonchik. This is a concern of special services:

"At least, first, because these groups are a lot of people. For example, the group, led by Sergei Pavlyukevich, — More than 100

The greater the number of people on social networks, the more it is dangerous from the point of view of the organization of some action …

thousands of people. The second social group, led by Nefedov, — there is also approximately the same figure. Plus — these groups are very active, there are a few dozen messages a day, a lot of comments — this automatically mean that if you have 100,000 people in a social network, you will read your information will reach out to about half that number — so 50 an audience of thousands of people you have. Of these 50,000 can be found, for example, 5000, which this information may lead to some kind of action. The greater the number of people on social networks, the more it is dangerous from the point of view of the organization of any action. "

This is not the first examples of attention to social networks. After the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro intelligence agencies have also warned of some active users of social networks on the distribution of non-specific information. An employee of a multimedia magazine "34" Mrs. Inga says:

"We have everything under control, the government is very close eye on everything that is happening there. They even have their own accounts, they track, so be very careful work in satssetkah. People are now very carefully write in social networks and create these communities, as in social networks, in contrast to other (Livejournal or Twitter), everyone knows who you are: it is your name, your friends, and very easy to find out who did this community. So I think that what is happening is bad impact on the social network. But people will be looking for new sources, apparently, the new network. "

On the page Sergei Pavlyukevich in information appeared on his behalf, that, well, he's all right and account under his control. Pavlyukevich promises that soon the community response is fully restored.

Specialist in social networks Alexei Leonchik states that the total control and bans will not solve the problem, do not just destroy the community. Another thing — while there is only information to action is not reached:

"First, the group can be restored. Secondly, what is removed

that one group will be deleted — I think it's kind of advertising, and people will start to come together in other bands …

one group — I think this kind of advertising, and people will start to come together in other groups. Basically, I do not see this as a problem. You can delete a group, but these politicized groups vkontakte — perhaps a dozen, of course, not as big. So people just start to diverge on others.

Another question — now, I think, for Belarus, these groups no function other than to deliver information, do not perform. I doubt that in the case of Belarus, these satssetki contribute to the fact that people were doing something in the real world. "

Thus, the company "Revolution through Social Networks" invited her friends on June 1 and 19 hours to come to the main square of the city and just play there — no banners, flags and symbols. On October Square in Minsk, where there was usually crowded, it's about a hundred people, but the organizers were not. Vitebsk in Victory Square this time been a correspondent for Radio Liberty, two policemen and pony owners who rolled the kids.

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