Western Europe was under siege

Today, Western Europe was in the air blockade.

Due to heavy snowfall canceled more than five hundred as intra-and international flights.

The main brunt of the disaster occurred in Germany, where almost completely ceased to function the largest airport in Europe — Frankfurt am Main. Significantly adjust the timetable had in Berlin, Dresden, Zurich, Amsterdam and Lyuksembruge.

Not smaller problems snowfall brought to those who prefer to travel by car in Europe. From Italy to the UK on snow-covered roads stretched for many kilometers tube. A number of accidents, according to police, exceeds all reasonable limits.

NTV correspondent Yevgeny Ksenzenko summed up the weather report.

In this weather, the German autobahns — it is literally a black spot. Heavy snow slows the fastest German roads to a minimum, ie zero. The so-called snow-tube — known European problem, and it is usually measured in tens of kilometers.

Traveler: "We wanted to go to Holland today. But you see — it is useless. "

Driver: "And do not do it. He was late for his flight, and I got off work. Of us do not depend on. "

Dieter Poyttsel, a truck driver, "I'm watching TV, sleeping, eating. And what remains? Talking on the phone with his wife. We were celebrating my 30th birthday tomorrow, but it seems to have to forget about it. "

Forgotten festivals and plans, but people are not thrown. To wintering on the road come the Red Cross, the drivers bring tea and sandwiches. When they are released from snow captivity is unknown because forecasters again promised snow.

German police even forbade trucks to call on some highways, now it's like to volunteer to get trapped. At the Berlin sub-zero temperatures on the streets — snow machines and people with shovels.

Collapse, as usual, not only on land but also in the air. In Frankfurt am Main canceled hundreds of flights. Planes from London, Manchester, Amsterdam, and other cities of Gdansk delayed. Over night in the city dropped 20 inches of snow, runways iced. Largest airport was almost paralyzed.

Passenger: "I hope that it will work. We have to fly to the U.S. and really want to get there. "

Passengers are advised to check on flights infomatsiyu aeproportov sites. After all, the problem is not only in Frankfurt, but Munich, Leipzig — in Germany canceled 450 flights. In Europe, frozen lakes, and in Italy, for example, tourists admire the new attractions — frozen Roman fountains.

Tourist: "Beauty, great! I hope it snows. "

In Spain, women are even wearing fur coats. Minus 4 for the southern nations — it is almost a Russian winter. In Scotland, it's much worse. It is composed of German storm scenario — traffic jams, flight delays, ice, and the fight with the snow.

Snowfall may deprive many British Christmas gifts. The warehouses are already four million parcels. They simply can not deliver. Some online stores even longer accept orders. They just do not want to upset people on the eve of the holiday.


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