Venezuela is experiencing Russian UAV

Russian unmanned aerial surveillance systems, surveillance and monitoring with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), "Frontier-2" and "Boundary-10" will be tested in Venezuela.

"The tests will begin in the near future. Will provide them with a group of Russian aviation specialists that about a month ago, flew to Venezuela, now getting ready to fly away, another group, "- said the chief designer of the Kazan enterprise" Aerokon "Igor Petukhov.

He said the purpose of the tests — to check and confirm the characteristics of the complexes, which are offered to supply to Venezuela.

Petukhov said the trial will take place in

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Rogozin: Russian defense industry assets to repurpose or sell

RIA Announcements. Oversees defense Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin holds the view that Russian, "an old" assets to DIC or reorientate, or to sell, because do in their modern creation difficult.

This is Rogozin wrote Friday in Twitter.

"An old assets — reorientate or sell, focusing on the main thing — to fulfill the state defense order, clothe and rearm the army and navy, do parallel civilian high-tech development and push forward the industrialization of our country's locomotive "- summed up the Deputy Prime Minister.

Make the creation of a modern defense industry in the Russian shops hard,

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Garaeva lawyer, who refused to defend Iryna Khalip: No pressure was not

Society Why lawyer Tamara Garaeva refused to defend the journalist Irina Khalip? Prisoners' American 'twist propaganda series' recent history. " List of accused in the case on December 19 added another 4-names. February 4th lawyer Irina Khalip Tamara Garaeva informed the parents of the journalist, which should terminate the contract for the Protection of Irene. The wife of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, held under house arrest, she is accused of involvement in the riots on December 19. Vladimir Khalip, the father of the journalist, believes that her daughter around the specially created "dead zone."

Reporter"And what are her

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Venezuela bought additional hundred T-72 tanks

Venezuela is practically agreed with Russia for the supply of a new party of one hundred and main battle tanks T-72B1V, the newspaper "Kommersant". It is planned that the delivery of technology will be implemented through a Russian export credit in the amount of four billion dollars. The agreement on granting the loan was reached in October 2011. Once the new loan will be fully implemented, the debt of Venezuela to Russia will be about $ 7.2 billion.

Venezuela buys on credit is a second large shipment of Russian armored vehicles. In May 2011, Russia began, and in

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Lukashenko dictates investors

Society Alexander Lukashenko issued an ultimatum demanded that foreign investors working in Belarus only on the conditions of Belarus. One of the investors, the famous French-Russian company "Danone-Unimilk", a condition — in the first quarter to perform all the tasks head of state, including and about having to carry the social burden. Otherwise, said Lukashenko, "you are in the market of Belarus will not work anymore." Will the foreign investors are subject to such conditions in Belarus?At a meeting on February 3 dairy industry Belarusian leader has formulated requirements for investors. Those will only work on the Belarusian conditions:


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In GUM reverse

Society Every day during the summer on the site of Liberty new page book by Alexander Lukashuk "Liharev. Oswald in Minsk."

January 7, 1960 at 8:00 am 23 minutes from the Moscow train compartment car number 9 on the platform of the Minsk railway station stepped 20-year-old American citizen soldier hat with ear flaps and without a passport — he handed it to the embassy in Moscow, declaring a desire to remain in the USSR then after two and a half months of waiting and suicide attempts was 5000 rubles from the Red Cross, job placement and housing in

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Bicycles are in demand

MOSCOW, June 1 — RIA Novosti. Muscovites have already managed to "disassemble" a bike in the first half of the opening hours of bike rental, the deputy mayor, the head of the Department of Transportation and Development of road infrastructure Maxim Liksutov 

On Saturday, Sergei Sobyanin with Liksutovym and head of the Department of Culture visited Gorky Park, where they opened the first BICYCLE. Sobyanin talked with cyclists and asked how they assess the measures taken by the authorities for the development of cycling in the city.

Cyclists welcomed

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UFO staged a dance to the music in the sky above the Danube River (VIDEO)

49 glowing "UFO" had a dance to the music in the sky above the Danube River (VIDEO)

Residents and guests of the Austrian city of Linz witnessed the amazing beauty of the phenomenon: in the night sky circled luminous cloud, takes the whimsical shape and change the color. Upon closer inspection, it turned out cloud cluster set of "Fireflies", with amazing synchronicity of the summer in the pack. Tourists first visited Linz, it could take over what he saw flying aliens.

However, for the majority of witnesses secret luminous cloud did not exist — many have especially come

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Rogozin: Our homeland asks you not to park NATO tank with its own entrance

Our homeland is in talks on diplomatic, political and military lines to bring to the United States and its NATO concern over the deployment of the European missile defense, but if the "point of no return" will be passed, Moscow will be obliged to give adequate to the challenge of military-technical response, said on Tuesday unchanging representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said.

"We pay attention to the fact that everything has certain limits and there is a definite reddish line, is a point of no return in these negotiations. When these plans will be implemented already in the metal,

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Message from Team Federation of Light on September 11.

This is a message from the Galactic Federation of Light transmitted through Greg:

It says about the imminent movement of tectonic plates in the fact that our planet is raising its vibration before Ascension. (Machine translation)

On view now achieved the impossible dream You and all the people of your Earth, which assumed for himself the land developed as an incredible reward for all that they have to endure to afford to be the receiver of such a wonderful gift. This day is fast approaching. It is in your site, it is just ahead, and when we use

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