Ex-candidate Dmitry Uss asked about Statkevich

Society 4 February to another interrogation by the KGB called the former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss, who is suspected of involvement in the riots on December 19.

We Dmitry Uss three weeks ago had a son. But my conversation with the former presidential candidate was not about the diaper, and the events that occur regularly with him after December 19: on another interrogation by the KGB. Dmitry Uss no secret of what he sought from investigators.

"Let us speak frankly: I'm being blackmailed me to Statkievich accused of organizing riots on December 19. I answer that I have not seen

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The birth of the modern implementation strategy and combat helicopters in military conflicts

Now this function as a cargo transport helicopters at least some destinations have nothing to change — the feasibility of rapid transportation, at least some effect on the surface and at least some surfaces, the lowest risk during transport compared with aviation. Because the basic movement of military units to different distances to address the goals are now the responsibility of the helicopters.

For Russia the main thing here is the experience gained in military conflicts even Russian Union. Namely, the experience was invaluable introduction of helicopters in Afghanistan. Delivery of goods, equipment and personnel, divided between a distance reference

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Helicopter tour to the valley Mzimta

Press photographer ANO "Single informatsionnog center" V. Klyushkinflew in a helicopter over the Olympic facilities under construction in the valley Mzimta in Sochi. These images show the enormous scale of the work and the size of the intervention in the nature of the Western Caucasus.

Runways of the airport of Sochi at the mouth of the river Mzymty.



The combined motor and rail road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika Service. "





FSUE "Plant Breeding

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The Mi-54


The Mi-54 is being developed in accordance with the Federal Target Program "Development of Russian civil aviation for 2002 — 2010 and for the period up to 2015."


The helicopter is designed to carry loads up to 1,500 kg inside the fuselage and up to 1,800 kg on the external load, or 12 — 13 passengers. The priorities of the project are: compliance helicopter with AP-29, FAR-29, JAR-29 to reflect the latest amendments; low operating costs; a high level of security; large cabin volume that does not limit the range of goods transported within the

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Even today, June 7,



The sun and heat, and in the afternoon the clouds, the temperature +27- +29 C


Luxembourg / Vienna / Budapest, the visit of the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmonov in Luxembourg, Austria and Hungary

Geneva, 16 th round of peace talks between Georgia and Russia

Washington, a meeting of U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Paris, the G20 summit on nuclear security

Vilnius, OSCE Conference on Safety of Journalists


1099: The First Crusade: the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem

1927: In Warsaw, the staff

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Sand storm in Arizona. Interesting shots

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Birth sea titanium

The construction of the submarine gallakticheskogo material spurred defense

Submarine K-162 Project 661 "Upas Tree" holds the record for underwater speed — 44.7 knots (80.4 kilometers per hour). Its appearance in the middle of the 70-ies of XX century marked a new step in the construction of Russian submarines — the birth of maritime industry titanium alloys. In memory of the selfless people who built the nuclear-powered ship, and as an example of the unique achievements of Russian science and technology weekly "MIC" published memoir participant in the events.

First in the world of titanium submarine — the famous "Alpha"

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In ancient times there was a nuclear war between earthlings and aliens

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Ulan-Ude residents saw winter rainbow

Multicolored arc appeared over the capital of Buryatia at about 27 degrees Celsius during the day on Monday, told RIA Novosti on Monday Hydrometeorological representative republic.

The unusual phenomenon was the result of refraction of sunlight at the frost, it heralds the imminent warming.

"The phenomenon is called the winter rainbow halo, it is the result of refraction of sunlight. Halo occurs with the appearance of thin cirrus clouds composed of ice crystals at an altitude of about six kilometers from the earth. Usually it is formed around the sun in the form of an arc, and see a

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The Mi-38 OP-2 successfully completed its maiden flight

A prototype of a new passenger transport helicopter Mi-38 OP-2 is being tested in the suburbs.

The helicopter was created in the capital plant im.Milya. According to the developers, the machine has unusual flight characteristics and has an unlimited lifespan. To create the fuselage helicopter designers used special composite materials that do not wear out over time, RIA Novosti reported. The helicopter is equipped with an alarm system, which through a voice message alerts the pilots fault. In the cockpit instead of the usual dashboard mounted monitor screens, which provides information on the work of the helicopter. The

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