Rosoboronexport denies defeat of Russia in 2-Indian tenders

RIA Announcements. "Rosoboronexport"On Wednesday denied media reports loss of in the tenders for the supply of Air India languid transport helicopters and aircraft tankers in which Our homeland is involved with the helicopter Mi-26T2 and the Il-78MK-90.

Previously, in some Indian and Russian media reported that the South American helicopter "Chinook" was the winner of the tender to supply the Indian Air Force languid weight helicopter, beating rival Russian Mi-26. As noted in the publications, the Americans are offering their helicopters at a lower cost, and because the media pointed out, the Indian side agreed to elect "Chinook".

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Video: A practical test lamp manufactured by OptoGaN

On sdelanounas have repeatedly written about "OptoGaN" developing and manufacturing LED lamps and luminaires.

The example video Sergei Lurie (Senior Expert of External Communications "RUSNANO") in practice compares the lamp "Optolyuks" conventional incandescent lamps and energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp.

The first check — for resistance to overvoltage. We started with a small overload — 240, and began to slowly raise the voltage. At 285 V fluorescent lamp burns out. The voltage was turned off, put on the controller 290, and again turned on the power. Because of the current surge through the cold spiral bulb is faulty. LED lamp

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The mission of the IMF and the government of Belarus discussed measures to stabilize

Society The measures taken to stabilize the currency and consumer markets and in the economy of Belarus as a whole, discussed during the meeting between Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Rumas with the mission of the International Monetary Fund.

The IMF mission was in place from 1 to 14 June.

"I want to discuss justdeveloping at Situation in Belarus, What has changed from the previous mission, "- said at the beginning of the meeting Sergey Rumas, referring to the head of the IMF mission Chris Jarvis.

He also noted that "while this mission does not consider a request for assistance to

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The criminal case was sent to the Russian court

Society Completed the preliminary investigation of the criminal case against the citizens of Russia Artem Brevsa and Ivan Gaponava.

Case sent to court, told Interfax source in the power structures.

Brevsa and Gaponava accused of taking part in a protest on December 19.

They were arrested after the events in the square. Dec. 29 Brevs and Gapon they came out at will and re-arrested.

February 3, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called unacceptable presence of two Russian citizens detained in Belarus.

"The charges leveled against them look just speaking lightly. Now we are trying to achieve greater clarity of our

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Video tour of the IT-Park Kazan. Place the lives of local start-ups

Kazan, the center of the city. IT-park. Leading reportage — Ramil Ibragimov, deputy director of the GAU "Technopark in high-tech" IT Park " After reporting a few words about the «IT-village", which is built on the banks of the river Sviyaga (about 40-50 minutes from Kazan on the car).

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Rosoboronexport explained to why Russia lost the Indian aviatendery

Mi-28N Built in 2012 at the airport by "Rostvertol", Rostov-on-Don, March 9 2012 (photo — Mike Mizikaev,

Prerequisites defeat of Russia in last year's 2-tenders to supply India's fighter jets and attack helicopters due to the fact that the Russian equipment at the time of the role of competition in the series have not been performed or was not in service with the Russian army, the general director of Rosoboronexport Anatoly Isaykin.These requirements have become one of the largest in the world in recent years, so the contract price only fighter (he eventually won France) is estimated at

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Underwater landscapes oceans watch online

This is a strange world, which you have for yourself and in a terrible dream, can not imagine. This world is filled with bolshennye chain of mountains, volcanoes, unexplored by man. All this is not another planetka, and our real world. The movie is the narration of the Sea of days, which covered with a layer of water. Scientists from all states are beginning to make maps of the seabed. They once a day collecting data on it, and build a certain way, in order to build public confidence and surface water. Scientists were able to combine studies that

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Video pogotovki spacecraft Spektr-R to launch

At the Baikonur Cosmodrome continuing intensive preparation for the launch of a space rocket "Zenit-3M" with the upper stage "Fregat-SB" and the Russian Radioastrophysical Radioastron observatory "Spektr-R".

The missile with a radio telescope Radioastron "Spektr-R" is scheduled for July 18 from the 45th site Baikonur cosmodrome. RadioAstron will be launched into an orbit with a perigee of 600 km and an apogee of 330,000 km. The duration of the spacecraft will be at least five years.

The aim of the project is to develop, together with a global network of ground-based radio telescopes single system ground-space interferometer to

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Curiosity is active again

After a few days in a state of "sleep", the rover Curiosity again proceeded to perform the tasks assigned.

According to scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA), the fault-related problems in computers rover Curiosity virtually eliminated and he was transferred out of safe mode and complete inaction in its normal active mode.

"On 27 and 28 February, we noticed that on board the Mars rover Curiosity has ceased to receive information on the Earth. After some discussion, we have taken a unanimous decision to turn off the

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Wild deer looked into kindergarten Solnechnogorsk

All in shock and the people and animals. True, the wild beast after meeting people now need rehabilitation. Young deer in some odd way was inside the fence of the kindergarten in Solnechnogorsk, and to free the frightened animal, it first had to catch. All recorded video surveillance cameras.

Three-year roe already — under the supervision of foresters and is undergoing rehabilitation after a meeting with the big city …

And in Solnechnogorsk kindergarten number 32 is also trying to recover from an unplanned meeting with wildlife: there is now a favorite pastime — to view pictures with the cameras.

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