Lukashenko went on vacation

Society As the press service of Alexander Lukashenko, the President took a getaway that will hold in Sochi.

BelTA reported that there the president intends to check out the "how to implement ambitious plans for the development of sports and there Belarusian tourist center, and meet with representatives of business and government circles of Russia."

It is worth recalling the former head of state holidays.

Rest, which Lukashenko with a large retinue spent in 2002 in the Austrian resort, gave birth to a scandal that does not cease to still, the question of who and on what basis was paying

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Rifle ORSIS T-5000 has helped to re-win gold!

Rifle ORSIS T-5000 has helped to re-win "gold"!

Pleased to report that in major international competitions for high-precision shooting the second year in a row to win "gold" by the Russian riflemen in addition to personal mastery helps a sniper rifle ORSIS T-5000.

The Russian team won the snipers in two major international competitions — the Championship Czech Republic with an international presence in the military and police snipers shooting from the sniper rifle and the World Cup the police and military snipers in Hungary.

15th Open Championship of the Czech

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RF get any new revolutions in Central Asia

The Parliament of Russian Federation, with the role of representatives of law enforcement and foreign ministers, held hearings. The conclusion was made very sad — the flame Arab unrest could spill over completely to the countries of Central Asia.

2nd sad conclusion — the deputies did not know how to maintain stability in this strategic principle for the RF region. Head of the Committee for CIS Affairs of the State Duma of the AV Ostrovsky referred to the variable position of Moscow and pro-American.

Almost opened the debate Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin, he admitted that, despite the current

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Evraparlamentar urged to clarify the EU list of banned

Society The EU Council has received a written request to the Polish evraparlamentara Marek Migalski the resumption of EU visa sanctions against members of the government of Alexander Lukashenko, said Polish Press Agency (PAP).

According to Migalski, a list of persons covered by sanctions "contains many inaccuracies and obvious material errors."

MEP drew the attention of the Council of the EU on the fact that the names of a number of officials on the list are in Russian transcription. "Belarusian version is only for 35 persons. 'Passports, which are issued in Belarus, the Latin alphabet is written English

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The vine twist around Stavropol


216 acres of young vines planted in the Stavropol region this year. About a fifth of them — table grapes. New plantations appeared in Levokumskij, Budennovsky Blagodarnenskogo, Trunovskogo and Mineralovodsky District.

For this purpose from the regional budget in the framework of the development of viticulture has been allocated 21.6 million rubles. Money is sent as a bookmark young vineyards and uhodnye work as well as the purchase of agricultural machinery.

130 acres of young vines and incorporated into JSC "Stavropol grapes" in the framework of the investment project, implemented over several years.

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RF at some point have to crush the global Marauder

Quite clear that Europe is ruled by the people mad … that there is no crime for which they could be capable of, there is no such amount of blood that they would be afraid to shed …. It is clear that we, the people of the Union of Soviet Socialist, live and let live global group of robbers and murderers, and that they were eager to be a part of us kill, some sent to slavery.Maxim sourness

There is no doubt that the main issue for the international community in the coming years will be the question:

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Who threw a Molotov cocktail at the Russian embassy?

Society The electronic edition of "Diary", citing its own sources, has filed his version of the explosion at the Embassy of the Russian Federation, which took place last year. Human rights activist Anastasia Loiko Freedom denied in an interview with the main points of publication.

In an article published in the "E" states:

"Imaginary anarchist who committed the attack on the Russian embassy, which was put back in charge of four arson.

Recall that on the night of 30 to 31 August at the Russian Embassy in Belarus were thrown two Molotov cocktails. They hit the embassy official car,

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Wine became the agricultural product

The Russian government has supported the initiative of the Kuban to include wine in the list of agricultural products. This bill promoted the Krasnodar region for many years.

"Recognition of wines agricultural product, no doubt, a historic step. Step, which Kuban struggled for many years ", — said Alexander Tkachev, focusing on the fact that this bill has promoted the region for many years, and now growers can count on the edge of preferences for agricultural producers.

This is a very important decision in the first place for the Krasnodar Territory, as a recognized wine

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Tomsk weather forecasters predict a hot and dry August

August 2012 will be hot in Tomsk, forecasters predict a temperature of 1-2 degrees above average standards, told the head of the Tomsk Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, Alex Krutovsky.

Heat waves and dry thunderstorms caused numerous forest fires, operating in the Tomsk region.

"The temperature in August is forecasted at 1-2 degrees above normal — … plus 22-27 degrees in the shade, the amount of precipitation for the month is expected near and less than normal precipitation will fall mainly in the third week of August," — said Krutovsky.

According to him, the end of May of the

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RF predict the military, economic and political battle for Cyprus

Once at the end of last year the U.S. company Noble Energy in the Cyprus offshore found a massive gas field, tasks between the official authorities of Nicosia and partly recognized the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus strained to the maximum. For obvious reasons, the official Cyprus estimates that about $ 200 billion. cubic meters of gas stored in the shelf belong to him, and therefore dispose of his head suddenly thrust upon the wealth of Cypriots want without the help of others. Nicosia is not going to recognize the independence of the North Cyprus, Like his claim to the

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