Vladimir Poultry Central opened after reconstruction

Vladimirskoye JSC "Poultry" Central ", the largest in the region for growing broiler birds, launched on Tuesday fattening candy bar cost 147 million rubles.

The first stage of the project reconstruction of the plant — the first candy bar to put 150,000 heads, which will allow for a year to grow to one million broilers per year. This will increase the capacity of the plant by 13.3% to bring it up to 8,500 tonnes of poultry meat.

We also construct a new slaughterhouse and poultry plant cooling air-drop method with the installation of an automatic cooling line length of

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By Nyaklyaeu lawyer allowed to Khalip — not

Society Lawyer Anna Bakhtin is seeking a meeting with her lawyer, journalist Irina Khalip. The lawyer of former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva recently received such a meeting. Journalist Natalia Radin in Kobrin visit Belarusian and foreign journalists.

From the first day of his work as a journalist Irina Khalip defense lawyer Anna Bakhtin began to seek a meeting with his client, who remains under house arrest. While this is not possible, according to "Freedom" the father of Irene Vladimir Khalip:

Vladimir Khalip

"She's trying to get a meeting with Irina, filed the appropriate papers, but as long as they

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Russian army: full outsourcing or Bang, bang, and by

Buying in France helicopter "Mistral", of course, protect our country from attack by Georgia. And the faster we'll buy them, the better. It is difficult to imagine what will happen, if Georgian army will not let us hold the Olympic Games in Sochi. Only the French ships will protect us from dangerous Georgians. And the Israeli drones and Italian armored vehicles.

If our missiles do not fly to where scheduled in the General Staff, the need to acquire missiles where they can do. This simple logic of the military for some reason did not find a response in the hearts

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Russian army: no whips, there were one gingerbread

We know quite a lot about social advertising and realize its purpose. Seeing as the display tele student selects a bloodless kitten sitting on the porch in the pouring rain is, we understand — it longs to break the ice maker in our souls. Scenes from the car crashed into fragments, blood on the pavement and breathalyzer readings of meters peaking — we are called to observe traffic rules and not to drink alcohol before they get behind the wheel. But there is a category of social advertising, which is more like some propaganda, to say the least — a

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Vladimir region develops downstream processing of timber

The administration of the Vladimir region as a priority encourages the development of deep processing of wood — one of the main natural resources of the region. Since 2008, in the Vladimir region began implementation of priority investment projects in the area of forest. Applications for participation in the tender for the implementation of investment projects submitted 13 organizations.

One of the largest wood-processing companies in the region — "Highland lesokombinat".

Main activities combine — harvesting, production builders' carpentry and joinery. The plant produces a wide range of planed products (wood panels, furniture fronts, euro wood) produces log houses made

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Area 2010: why the plan was not implemented Neklyaeva

Society At Vladimir Neklyaeva had a special plan for the area — a mass rally that was planned in advance by the opposition December 19, 2010. If this plan was implemented, there would be the consequences — violent dispersal of demonstrators by the police, "storming" of the Government House, the criminal case on the riots, political prisoners and European sanctions. Online newspaper conducted investigative journalism and found out: on December 19 event had to develop a completely different scenario …

We offer text printed in the online newspaper. Authors Anton Taras, Dmitry Coppola

As you know, on the way

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Country emissions Sun causing sudden mutation of matter

Angry Sun

After many months of observation led scientists fear wringing his hands because of the approaching solar storms. Some of them are predicting a devastating solar tsunamis that could wipe out our advanced technology, others voiced dire warnings that powerful explosions on the surface of the sun can reach the Earth, causing a breach of the magnetic field, which will lead to the penetration of the Zkmlyu billion particles with high intensity of X-rays and other deadly forms of radiation. Now evidence surfaced that something potentially more dangerous is deep within our star: Never had a particle or some

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Vladimir Shamanov and BMD-4

On the eve of Victory Day, and sixty-seven we were able to meet the man whose authority is great not only colleagues, but also in the whole country. Here is what the commander of the Airborne Troops (VDV) of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov.

— Vladimir, you are familiar with our machines and manufacturing facilities. How much of our products and the country needs the troops that you're heading?

— The supreme criterion for testing of a sample of military equipment is operational use and its results. I recall the story of the events of

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Channeling: Ascension as the future

Dear Sanat Kumara what the portal of ascension? From what energy is and how it is being built?

Portal ascension actually just hand the reality that is configured to transition from reality to reality. This does not pass, it's not a door, it is a mixed reality consists of two realities that are connected to each other by man. Human consciousness is doubled, tripled, etc., despite what the problem is portal. You can connect multiple realities of different plans in his mind and go over them.

But your problem — not to be space travelers, and knowledge

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Vladimir Putin described the development strategy of military aviation

Planned to buy nearly 2,000 aircraft and helicopters for retrofitting aircraft parts and units and thus in 2020 to increase the share of modern aircraft in the armed forces up to 70%, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Now we have it somewhere around 20, unfortunately," — he said. According to him, to achieve this enterprise sector must go through a complete re-equipment, to strengthen its operational and human resource capacity.

"It is clear that at the same time increase the output and rebuild production — is no easy task. This is a complex matter, but it is

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