Russian gas programm in the East

In the middle of 90th came up for discussion project gas pipeline from Russia to South Korea. So the idea is not new, the Government of the Republic of Korea even allocated land acquisition for the construction of the pipeline.

Later, in May of 2003, "Gazprom" has signed a five-year cooperation agreement with Korean company "Kogas". In 2008th it was renewed for another 5 years and have made a permanent joint working group.

Municipal programm to create a unified gas production, transportation and supply in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, was approved in September 2007. Also provides

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Again — the court again — arrest

Society In regions continues interrogations, searches and trials of community activists. Local departments of the KGB and the police are trying to intimidate members of solidarity with prisoners in Minsk. Continuing harassment of people present at the Independence Square in Minsk on December 19.


Arrests for solidarity action on January 16

On Tuesday, the Leninsky court sentenced the Mogilev BPF Valentine Lobachova seven days of administrative arrest. His fellow party Sergei Negatin— For 5 days. They were both members of the solidarity action that took place on January 16. Another participant of her mother with many children Natalia

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Instead, the case RUSNANO Produces Monsters

"Defame the military — it is unfair and immoral" 21.05.2013

Russian MPs' statement L.Gozmana, who compared the Soviet military counterintelligence SMERSH with the Nazi SS units …

       rn    The famous liberal politician, director of humanitarian projects "RUSNANO" Gozman in his blog on the website of "Echo of Moscow"wroteon the equivalence of the Soviet military intelligence SMERSH and Nazi SS troops. Gozman criticized the way out to the screens show on SMERSH, the staff of which, according to him, were to blame for the executions and arrests of many innocent people. "I

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Minsk, Belarus, Latvia refuses to sell the pipeline

Society Belarus wants to buy oil pipeline Polotsk-Ventspils prapampovvannya for Venezuelan oil, the agency REGNUM, referring to the Belarusian ambassador to Latvia Alexander Gerasimenko.

The ambassador added that, despite the fact that the pipeline is years idle, the Latvian shareholders block the attempts of the official Minsk to negotiate a deal.

"Perhaps there is a great policy" — suggested the diplomat.

Two-thirds of LatRos Trans, which owns the pipeline, owned by the Latvian company Ventspils nafta, third — the Russian "Transnefteprodukt."

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Russian military transport aviation is ready to abandon the Ukrainian machines

At the current time, the Defense Ministry revises plans for a military transport aircraft. The main purpose of which is put in front of him the defense establishment, is to reduce the dependence of Ukrainian aircraft manufacturers. The basic rate in the Defense Ministry decided to make the draft Russian KB. This solution is actually a rejection of the Ukrainian aircraft KB them. Antonov.

It should be noted that the aircraft Antonov — from the An-26 and An-124 "Ruslan" historically constituted Russian base, and then the Russian Military Transport Aviation (VTA), in the current time their share in BTA

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Instead, the US-European Mars rover launch a Russian-European

April 6 in Moscow, the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin, the director of ESA, Jean-Jacques Dordenom agreed on a joint research program of the planet Mars.

In the framework of cooperation in 2016 will be launched to Mars orbiter, and in 2018 — the rover.

Note that Russia will take place in the program of the United States. Representatives of the U.S. space agency NASA refused to participate in the program at the beginning of this year.

As reported by RIA Novosti press-secretary of the Russian Federal Space Agency Anna Vedischeva, the talks discussed Russia's participation

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Usa forced to come to the KGB with a lawyer

Society Today, the former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss once again visited the KGB. He was summoned here for questioning. About what happened to him there, former candidate told "Freedom":

"When I was in the KGB, I immediately asked: where is your lawyer? I replied that I came to myself. Then I said, come on Thursday and always with a lawyer. And — let go. "

This morning, Dmitri Uss, was the guest of the live broadcast Radio Liberty.

Conversation with him you can listen ipochitat on our site.


election, area, prosecution

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Pleiadian group of early disclosure.

Dear brothers and sisters, you are so interested in the ending date revealed — a time when our ships, as well as other Star Crop ships will clearly see you …

Well, not so long ago, Adonai Ashtar Sheran has agreed to the opening of certain matters related to the disclosure, dear friends. There are a variety of dates. However, every day — this is a binding of your mind, your focus on the moment in the time frame that was given to you, as the date of the beginning of our disclosures to you, my dear

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Habitat. Refrigerate watch online

Summer — hot season for ice cream, juices and soft drinks. Within three months of the summer they sell products as much as not sold for all the other seasons combined combined. Explosion flows are working around the clock, refrigerators packed. Because buyers need to be very careful: you can buy and bad products.

We are told that it is best to eat and drink this summer. Do many of juice in juice drinks, kvass is what really removes thirst and where to find ice cream no vegetable fat? Advice will be given spices — MGUPP experts,

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Russian military equipment has become a decoration of stunning military parade in Caracas

In Caracas, a military parade marking the 200th anniversary of independence Venezuela. Order to begin the parade gave refunds after healing in Cuba President Hugo Chavez.

In the celebrations took the role of president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, his collaborator José Mujica of Uruguay, also the President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo.

In the parade was part of a noble company of the guard from China, Russia, and Belarus, and the countries of Latin America.

Not so long ago, arrived in Venezuela from Russia's military technology has become an ornament parade: T-72B1 tanks, armored personnel carriers BTR-80 infantry fighting vehicles

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