Russian space development programm

Current implementation and research-oriented places gallakticheskogo development science, technology, the economy, provision security of the country, as well as the fulfillment of international obligations in the sphere of space. Budget Applets development gallakticheskogo place is 486.8 billion. rub., of which 197 billion. rubles were financed between 2007 and 2010. Of the national budget was allocated to 109 billion. rub., from extra-budgetary sources (commercial organizations) — about 88 billion. rub.

The main areas of gallakticheskoy activities that support the achievement of specific objectives are: 1. Provision satellite communications, television and radio broadcasting in the whole area of the Russian

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The Ministry of Justice refused to register, but the Tell the Truth does not give up

Society The Ministry of Justice denied the state registration of the National Research and Educational Association "Tell the truth." The formal reason for the denial — the Ministry of Justice had been served originals and copies of certain documents relating to the constituent assembly.

The civil campaign "Tell the Truth" was launched a year ago, in February 2010. Its proponents to show the Belarusian society announced the real situation in the country, where there is little space and a lot of truth — lies. Moreover, the company operated in line with the law — in the Minsk city executive committee

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Russian Navy returns to Vietnam

The day before, on an official visit to Vietnam, the Russian Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu has made a sensational statement. Our country will help Vietnam in building submarines. Also planned resumption of the use of Vietnamese ports by Russian warships. Vietnam stepping up purchases of Russian weapons.

"This year, our joint efforts to open a new page in the history of the Navy of the Republic of Vietnam — there's submarine fleet" — RIA Novosti words Shoigu said at a press conference in Hanoi. In turn, the Minister

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Navy has decided to bring into operation the unique titanium submarines



Navy Russia has decided to return to the unique structure of the submarines of Project 945 "Barracuda", the body of which is made of titanium, said a senior source in the Main Command of the Navy, stressing that the decision to restore the boat was taken in January at a meeting with the commander in chief of the Navy, Viktor Chirkov.

"It was not a spontaneous decision, we counted it carefully and came to the conclusion that economically feasible to restore the boat, you dispose of," — said the source publication.

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Russian tiles are always in fashion

It's no secret that the first building blocks of a stone. But its implementation is difficult and time-consuming. Because the replacement came clay tile, which immediately took the leading position in the building materials. It appeared first in Europe. But swiftly struck down whole world.

Russian tile quality is not inferior to European standards. The range of its implementation is enormous. This is justified with its multi-functional features. And it is this durability, moisture resistance, hygiene and resistance to the brutal chemical substances, as is widely used in all medical institutions and chemical laboratories, and everywhere in bathrooms

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In Svetlahorsk woman beat of the four police officers

Society In Svetlahorsk entrepreneur Lily Lagutin judged for what she allegedly beaten by local police officers. Criminal case against women filed under Articles 363 and 364 — the resistance of police and violence against them. The maximum penalty for the last of the articles — 6 years imprisonment.How to tell the defendant, in the fall of 2009 she defended her husband — he was detained by the police. Waved a bag that fell behind.

"One of the officers of the department — says Lily — so twisted my arm behind my back that I myself have not been able

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Navy has adopted a deepwater manned vehicle Consul

Autonomous deepwater manned vehicle "Consul", produced by the Admiralty Shipyard in St. Petersburg December 13, officially became a member of the Navy of the Russian Federation.

test apparatus "Consul" in the North Atlantic (Summer 2011)


Bathyscaphe designed for underwater engineering and rescue operations, the settings on the objects underwater beacons, delivery by ground and surfacing equipment weighing up to 200 kg. Furthermore, by using complex manipulator can be carried out preparatory work for lifting different objects from the bottom of the vessel by means of the carrier.



The unit

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Solara on 2013

Many of us are in the process of completing their old stories. This means that many of the delinquent behavior patterns, ways of perceiving and limited long-suppressed emotional fallout rise to the surface, so we let them go. This will continue as long as we do not stop wearing them inside.

Our old stories need to be completed before we can start writing our new stories. Most of us faithfully seeks to complete our old stories, we were able to finally start living the true life as the truth, and to find its new true destiny. Fortunately, many

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ExoMars. Battle for Mars ahead

The colonization of nearby planets becomes a top priority for the leading states and the fact that at the moment on Mars "ride" just rovers American space agency NASA does not mean anything. I present to you the space programs of other countries for the development of the "Red Planet".

Regardless of how well the fate of the rover «Curiosity», will he be able to bring humanity to the understanding of the past and present of the "Red Planet", scientists are determined to continue the exploration of Mars with the

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In Tatarstan, instead of snow fell coke

In Tatarstan fell gray-black snow. Local laboratory experts have determined that the snow consisted of a mixture of coke and metals. The origin of this unusual type of precipitation is unknown.

Gray snow noticed a black speck in the village near Alan Nizhnekamsk. About unusual phenomenon told local television. The inhabitants of the village, and so constantly suffering from unfavorable environmental situation in their region, have caused health experts from the laboratory.

The experts who conducted the chemical analysis of the snow, found in its composition 84% coke. The remaining share was inorganic components — aluminum, silicon and magnesium, reported

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