In Vladivostok, the photo exhibition of the Far Eastern leopard!

Photo exhibition "Leopard-Primorye. 100 best photos", dedicated to the creation of the Primorsky Territory National Park "Land of Leopard", opened today in Vladivostok.

— The pictures visitors will see the "Land of Leopard" — the places where the cat lives a rare planet. The photographs depicted the unique natural landscapes, flora and fauna that surrounds the leopard. In these photos, like a drop of water reflects the world of a Red Beast, his house — Ussuri taiga. Landscapes, birds and even insects are not randomly presented at the show — this is is the "Land of Leopard" in all its

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Dusk or dawn in Belarus?

Society Mitchel Orenstayn, an American researcher at Johns Hopkins University, recently visited Belarus. In his article on the site analitychnyym Project Syndicate, he analyzes the situation in the country and gives suggestions of what should be the policy of the West towards Belarus. At the time, as pro-democracy protests are gaining momentum in the Arab world, Belarus kvazisavetskay grim fortress Europe, things are moving for the worst. President Lukashenko is rigidly suppressed demonstrations that took place after the election, and put him in jail 7 of 9 presidential candidates who opposed him.

Western governments, including the EU, have to

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Russian paratroopers will have a new tool

Provision of advanced weaponry of the 98th Guards Airborne Division and the 31-th separate Guards Airborne Brigade, members of the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces CSTO, will be a priority. The list of supplied equipment will include airborne promising airborne combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers, combat abilities are increased two to three times.

Brand new state armaments program, designed for up to 2020, provides for the allocation of almost 20 trillion rubles. In accordance with her to the 2020 fraction of modern tools and technology should be brought in the army to a level of 70%. Ignatov said that special

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Moscow again warned Minsk silent again

Society Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has once again called on the Belarusian authorities to release all those detained during a peaceful opposition rally in the day of the presidential election on December 19. He acknowledged that in Russia also happen excesses of human rights, but they pale in comparison to what is happening in Belarus.

Sergey Lavrov considered unprecedented in world practice case where more than half the members of the presidential race in prison and under house arrest.

Minsk ignores Moscow's position in terms of liberating Russian citizens Artem Brevsa and Ivan Gaponava. Young people served

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Vladivostok has opened a new children’s clinic

November 24, 2011


In this children's clinic will take kids qualified, well established here clinical diagnostic laboratory, day hospital, Department of Rehabilitation with a modern hall of physiotherapy and salt cave.


More photos … "The new children's clinic in the" Snow honeydew "- a complex of two multi-story buildings connected by a warm passage. It is designed for 400 visits per day. Behind it will be attached to almost 30,000 children of Pervorechenskij and Soviet areas of the city ", — the report says.


Treatment of patients will

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In Vladivostok, an exhibition of Michael Baryshko Images of fire

Vladivostok. March 22. VOSTOK-MEDIA. Julia Shevchenko — RIA "Vostok-Media" visited the opening of the exhibition "Drawing Fire," and the presentation of the next collection of poems by the artist, the poet and scholar Michael Baryshko. No, no wonder they say that a talented person is talented in everything.


Pyrography — artistic treatment of wood or simply burning out. These boys are addicted to many, but to turn their work into a work of art, not everyone can, because it is — extremely hard work.

Pyrography artist Michael Baryshko at the opening ceremony

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On the Indonesian island of Java volcano emits toxic fumes

Centre of Volcanology and reduce geological risks (TSVSGR) Indonesia lifted over the weekend at the level of alarm is located in the province of West Java Papandayan volcano from the second to the third (penultimate) levels due to start there emissions of toxic gases, reported on the official website of the Centre. The second level of anxiety in this complex stratovulkanicheskom height 2.665 meters above sea level was announced in April 2008. After two of his four craters began to throw large amounts of sulfur and carbon monoxide gases, TSVSGR forbidden to approach them closer than two kilometers away. As

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The Company is not ripe for revolution, and Lukashenko — the evolution

Society Events on December 19 — the crackdown by the authorities of demonstrators who gathered to protest against the rigged presidential election and the subsequent political repression in the country — the main theme is almost free for almost two months.

I will begin today's discussion with a new letter from our old friend Constantine Syrelya of Ushacha. The listener believes that the Belarusian society is not yet ripe for a change in his state — so namagannni all those politicians who were in the area of people and as a result ended up in prison bars — were doomed

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Hiller Aircraft — U.S. soldiers flying

Hiller Aircraft — The development of the U.S. military, created for the American infantry in 1955. This individual flying platform would give the superiority of the soldier in the capture of high-rises.

Tactical advantage in the capture of high-rises — a distinct advantage in the theater of combat in rough terrain. So did the company's engineers Hiller Aircraft, where with the help of two concentric rings, screws and housing — built this flying platform. Or rather several — all were released 6 working copies, two for each generation.

Hiller Aircraft — U.S. soldiers flying

Environmental disaster in Olympic Sochi

A series of accidents in the construction of Sochi Olympic race in 2014 recently went on. Baton opened in July 2009, an accident during the construction of the tunnel combined road Adler — Krasnaya Polyana. Then a sudden breakthrough of groundwater destroyed equipment. There were no casualties. Then came the turn of the sea port under construction: December 14, 2009 the construction of a storm washed away these things to the seabed. With him disappeared in the deep 3-professional diver. And in January 2010 and its valley "walked" p. Mzymta: coming out of the banks as a result of heavy

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