Water sports complex opened in Nevelsk (Sakhalin region).

Modern water sports complex "Dolphin" was opened in Nevelsk. Its main feature — the presence of the pool, which residents have long dreamed of. Another remarkable — water, its uniqueness is that it is half fresh, half sea.

— At the same time, we can take up to nine people. Pool length is 14.5 meters, width — 8 meters. The depth varies from 1.5 to 1.8 meters, — said the director of the technical characteristics of water—sports complex "Dolphin" Sergei Soldatkin.

Machinery for preparing, cleaning and recycling water pool owners purchased in South Korea. With

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Russian conscripts: the number or quality?

Numerous studies carried out as to the willingness of young people to military service, show that at the current time, there is a very scary trend to lower property conscripts. Defense consciousness of the younger generation has undergone significant changes associated not only with the crisis of society, and in fact with a complete lack of attention to the dilemmas of the country's army, and in general properties of the defense.

Willingness of recruits to undergo military service is of utmost importance for the effective operation of the military units and formations in which they will get on rassredotachivaniyu

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Russian Air Force to supply Peru

Not so long ago, Peru gained back four military helicopters that were repaired in Russia. This is the first part 7 of Mi-25, the last renovation and modernization within the U.S. $ 20 million contract, the implementation of which will allow to increment the life of helicopters for another seven years. The Mi-25 is the export version of the Mi-24.

Eight years ago Our homeland Peru requested a loan of $ 250 million dollars to repair and modernize transport, attack helicopters and aircraft of Russian manufacture. Successful negotiations have allowed to conclude a few deals for the maintenance of

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Mosgortransa drivers began to prepare the gym

Moscow on Channel 24 story out of driver training "Mosgortrans" to driving in the winter season, using technology developed by "Logos — agent-based technology." Training takes place in modern simulators using multi-agent simulation of traffic on the streets of Moscow.

Drivers "Mosgortransa" prepared for extreme situations on the roads. Those who are for the first time this winter transports passengers must undergo special training. On virtual simulators students learn how the bus is in the winter when the ice on the roads and snow drifts.

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Freedom Day: Will the consensus?

Society Tonight in BPF met leaders of political parties, movements and community initiatives to discuss where and in what format this year to celebrate Freedom Day.

The debate turned hot and lasted half an hour. Proposals were many — to submit an application to the Minsk City Executive Committee that, as usual, to gather at the site of the Academy of Sciences, Bangalore stepping on. Or not to step on the Bangalore and confine rally near the Academy of Sciences. There was a proposal to hold a rally in a different format — Liberty Square. Suggest to listen to

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Christina Shatsikava questioned in Minsk

Society Mogilev human rights activist of the civil campaign "Our House" Christina Shatsikava questioned the First of the district police department of Minsk. Activist summoned there as a witness in criminal case of the riots on December 19-20. The interrogation lasted for four hours. It was run by the investigator Alexander Feytsar. Christina Shatsikava"It seemed to me that the investigator is really trying to understand the case. On least yet he apparently did not receive any other orders. So I say, because I compare interrogation by the KGB and this investigator. The investigator asked specific questions and literally everything down.

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Tap water in Moscow will be tastier

Since October, the drinking water in Moscow will be cleaned with sodium hypochlorite, which will replace the current liquid chlorine. New water will be safer, tastier and longer smell chlorine.

"We are carrying out commissioning at North Station, until September 1 at this station we plan to abandon chlorine, and at the other stations — until October, "- said General Director of" Mosvodokanal "Stanislav Khramenkov during the visit of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on North treatment plant.

As the Khramenkov, then the water will not smell like chlorine and will be more pleasant to the taste. The mayor of Moscow is

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Translations of Council Nibiruan. Part 2

Felines — one of the two primary races in our universe. They arrived here by invitation of the Founders. Successfully completed their Universal Game and completing their universe, a group of 45 Felines voluntarily come to this world, to help set up and watch the game itself is the same here.

Felines — two-legged race, an increase of about 12 — 16 feet. Their skin is covered with a kind of soft down, and while they do not have fur, they do have manes and both men and women have long hair.

The range of eye color from blue to

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Russian police say Prof. prazdnichek

Russian policing celebrate the fiftieth time own Prof. prazdnichek — day employee of the Interior.

Since 1962, November 10 was celebrated as the day the police, but with the March 1, 2012, with the entry into force of the Federal Law "On Police", has gone into the history of the word "police." In the Ministry of Interior appeared fundamentally brand new structure — militia, and the last recertification police began policemen.

The reform of the times were increased wage enforcers. According to the views of the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva, in order to make the people feel really

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Kronotsky Reserve can now virtually visit

MOSCOW, September 5 — RIA Novosti.Visitors to the site Kronotsky reserve (Kamchatka) can take a virtual tour of the Valley of Geysers, directly from the monitor screen, the press service of the reserve.

"Thanks to modern technology you can now experience the effect of the presence in the protected area and get a free tour," — said in a statement.

Online traveler, as outlined in the report, can stop at the observation deck, enjoy the view and learn interesting facts about the geysers.

The report also says that soon the site will be able to reserve "in absentia" to go

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