Human rights activists demand to investigate the abuse of detainees

Society of Human Rights Watch refers to the materials of the human rights monitoring mission of the International Committee on International Control over the Situation with human rights, which, together with the Belarusian Center for Legal Transformation processed and analyzed 205 questionnaires arrested during the action 19 in Minsk on December. Their findings are confirmed by evidence obtained directly in the Human Rights Watch.

"Violence is applied in respect of each of the fourth and was followed by the detainee abuse and insult", — concluded the defenders on the results of the survey of those who came out of prison.

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Incredible tornado pohozyaynichat in Taipei

May 12 in Taipei, the capital of the province of Taiwan as part of China, swept an incredible and impressive tornado.

In this region, tornadoes happen very, very rare. On that day, the ambient temperature was about 30 degrees, and wind gusts exceeding 130 km / h

Tornado remained active for several minutes. Fortunately no one was hurt, but the quake and tsunami caused a lot of destruction.

Strangely enough, but the media is almost no information about this unusual tornado.

Certificate (- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Taipei? Th — the capital of the Republic of China

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Macropinna microstoma — lets look at the brain!

Smallmouth makropinna (Macropinna microstoma). This unique fish discovered in 1939. However, at that time did not work well enough to study it, in particular the structure of cylindrical eye of the fish, which can move from vertical to horizontal or vice versa. This could be done only in 2009. Then it became clear that the bright green eyes of this little fish (it does not exceed 15 cm in length) are filled with a clear liquid chamber of the head.

Watch Smallmouth makropinna (Macropinna microstoma)

This camera

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The Hanged Man — gave birth!

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Russian mounted grenade launchers

At the end of 40 years of the twentieth century, not counting the hand grenade in Russian Union was developed another type of weapon — easel 82 caliber anti-tank rocket launchers and 122 mm, which were essentially a huge range of fire and had more armor penetration. This type of weapon was defined as a reusable recoilless rifle with cumulative ammunition.

In 1942, the People's Commissariat of the Union of Russian oil industry began to develop 82-millimeter rocket launcher mounted machine. Work rules and A.P.Ostrovsky N.G.Grigoryan. Later developments took over the role and P.P.Shuvalov.

At first, this grenade SRI-6, controlled

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Ebeko volcano threw steam gas clouds at a height of 700 meters

Ebeko active volcano, located seven kilometers from the North Island Kurilsk Paramushir Kurils, on Wednesday made a release to the air steam and gas clouds vysotu700 meters, the press service of the regional GUMCHS.

"Displacement Loop is in the north-east. Smell of hydrogen sulfide in the North-Kurilsk not felt. Threats to the population there," — said in a statement.

It was reported earlier that the emissions of the volcano were reported on Saturday-Monday. Togdavysota steam and gas clouds reached 350 meters.

Observations show that during periods of increased volcanic activity increases dramatically the risk of poisoning by toxic gases —

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Cannibalism technology Rat King watch online

The current situation in Russia created by the introduction of technology, known under the title "King Rat". Assignment of this technology — the main damage nodes, invisible foundations and social ties of the structure. Make the atmosphere of fragmentation, when every man for themselves and there is no concept of "your." To achieve this, it is necessary to break down morality. An indicator of morality is broken behavior when throwing your own self. The essence of this technology is very clearly revealed in rats. These animals are known for their own first indescribable survival. Base of such vitality —

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Message from SaLuSa from Sirius on November 7, 2012

The excitement is growing in anticipation of the coming weeks, and the first real step to ascension appears on the horizon, as Obama is the leader in the presidential election. Much depends on the outcome, but people are not fooled by the antics of opposition. They see in Obama is serious work for the people, and they see his achievements, despite attempts to deny them. Direction has changed, as people realize the truth, and now more intuitively choose a leader. There was a strong feeling that this time, the far-reaching changes that will lead you into the New Age.

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Longal Artwork. The paintings on the leaves of trees

What is not created only pictures, in the long history of art. Canvas, paper, wall, road, fabric — think on such material masterpieces seen each. But have you ever contemplate the work started on the leaves of trees? No? Then it is necessary to improve their knowledge.

These works create a Chinese firm called Longal Artwork and her staff doing a job, do not get tired laborious jewelry.

For his small paintings selected leaves of maple or sycamore that meet certain requirements. And before put on them, they

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The investigation leading quacks

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