Ivashkevich refused to go to ONT

Society Famous Belarusian politician Viktor Ivashkevich refused to participate in a talk show, "Open Format."This he told the "Freedom".

"After reading all the reviews on the site" Freedom "(a big thank you to those who wrote it), I called the editor of the program Natalia Stelmak. I asked if they give a guarantee although least one phrase — "only the liberation of political prisoners can contribute to good neighborly relations with other countries "- Will go on the air. Editor said that the issue of political prisoners is not provided in the program and that they have specific questions

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Russian bikers promise to let go

Iraqi President promised to release those arrested in Baghdad Russian bikers. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, traveling the country Near East Russians were detained for having entered without a valid visa

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, Foreign Minister promised that the Russian bikers detained in the country, will soon be released. "Salting on the subject met with the president of Iraq, who gave assurances that our citizens will be rapidly released. Let's lay that's the way it happens," — said the official dealer of Foreign Lukashevich Thursday at a briefing in Moscow. According to him, embassy will seek an

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Volgograd Tractor Factory develops new products

Volgograd Tractor Plant — one of the oldest companies in the region. The mass production of tractors began in 1932, during which time the assembly line produced more than 2.7 million units. During the perestroika years the company has gone through several stages of restructuring.

Today VPP is in the operational management of the MCC Ltd. "Concern" Tractor plants ". This technique produced agricultural and industrial use, carry and defense procurement, as crawler tractors do not have a previous demand, plan to master new production.

— This year we have managed to reduce costs by 112 million rubles, — Executive

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A new split in the BNF

Society 85 BPF members have signed a statement of disagreement with the policy guidance and the exit from the party. Among the signatories — the former chairman of the party Lavon Barshcheuski, Professor Yuri Khadika, artist Ales Marochkin, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Galina Semdyanova. "Believers" say that remain in the public BPF and are going to create a separate political organization.

In the 85-minute statement reads: "The policy of the current leadership of the BPF does not meet the challenges of today, contrary to the spirit of national democracy, freedom, morality and integrity that

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Volgograd refinery upgrade production

Volgograd refinery is the largest producer of fuels and lubricants in the Southern Federal District. Today the company is intensively re. The company "LUKOIL" has invested in upgrading the plant about $ 1.5 billion. A program of further reconstruction, providing for the construction and commissioning of large projects.

The distillation unit is built-1 for primary distillation capacity of 6 million tons per year. Its commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2014, will increase the plant's capacity to 12 million tons of oil a year.

Launched a new installation of diesel hydrotreating capacity of 3 million tons per year. Since

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In Japan, an earthquake of magnitude 4.2

An earthquake measuring 4.2 occurred last night in Japan. Information on casualties or damage were reported. According to the National Meteorological Administration, tsunami threat arose.

The epicenter was located in the Pacific Ocean off the east coast of Honshu, and focus lies at a depth of 40 km under the sea. Tremors felt the residents of Fukushima Prefecture, Miyagi, Yamagata, Ibaraki and Tochigi.

The Japanese archipelago is located on the junction of four tectonic plates, so every year there are up to 20 percent of the seating on the earth quake of magnitude 6.0 and above.

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Berezovsky KGB interrogation

Society Stanislaw Mikolajczyk and Vladislav Kholodovich of Ivatsevichy were called in for questioning in Berezovsky KGB. Members Square detained during a rally in Minsk and was sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest. They were serving him in Minsk.

Kholodovich Wladyslaw Stanislaw Mikolajczyk and called as a witness by criminal case about riots December 19. KGB officers Kholodovich Mikolajczyk and warned about the inadmissibility of repeated participation in public events and the responsibility for it. Documents on the introduction of a warning sign they refused.



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American Nessie

American called Nessie monster, which for several centuries from time to time appears on the surface of Lake Champlain. Hundreds of people saw old Shampa (so lovingly nicknamed monster locals), which allows seriously talk about the possible existence in this body of water most of this, miraculously surviving dinosaur.

Champlain — a very deep, picturesque lake, which stretches nearly 190 miles from north to south between the states of Vermont and New York (USA) and reaches the Canadian province of Quebec. Perhaps in the cold depths of this beautiful lake is still a mysterious shadow glides a real plesiosaur,

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Russian security officials bought drones Boundary-20

Kazan now "Aerokon" signed a contract with an unknown power structure of the Russian Federation on the supply of reconnaissance drones "Boundary-20." This was said Igor Petukhov, which is the main designer of the Kazan enterprise. He said that the customer will be given 10 complexes 2 UAV each. With all this neither the client nor the amount of the contract are not named.

Unmanned flying apparatus "Boundary-20" was created on the basis of the scheme verhoplana with pusher propeller and a T-tail. Slider such aircraft is operated on petrol RON 95. With the help of such motor speed UAV

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Europeans will write to political prisoners and the authorities

Society In the political assembly Evrapeykay People's Party was decided that the policy of the different European countries will send letters of solidarity to Belarusian political prisoners. And also — the letter to the Belarusian authorities to release political prisoners.About This was announced Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich, which participated in the political assembly of the European People's Party in Brussels.

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