Amerakantsy surprise bacon

American company J & D, known as the expert Inventions with custom properties, decided to once again surprise their inventions. Since the product is flavored bacon (mayonnaise, popcorn, salt) are nothing new, it will soon appear shaving cream flavored … bacon.

This unusual shaving cream lovers unusual products can order in early December at a price of about 15 U.S. dollarov.No this shaving cream flavored bacon not get everything — is expected to issue only 2,500 copies. Therefore, the inventors are advised not to proceed with the purchase of an unusual products for men.

As recommended by the inventors of this miracle cream, use it well after a hot shower. And if you go on a date, your girl will be charmed by such manly smell emanating from Vas.Krem non-irritating, because it is suitable for all skin types. Still, one drawback of the cream is: it smells very edible. "So get ready to be the center of attention, but at the same time watch out for trips into the wild woods to be eaten bears" — jokes J & D.

It is worth noting the company J & D goes back to 2007, founded by two Americans Justin Esch and Dave Lefkovym. The company manufactures products with unusual taste of bacon. The first product of this company is salt flavored bacon. But then it was not popular, but on the contrary, even causing bad reviews. Slightly changing the composition of salt and bacon to the success of the company has come: the product was highly otsenen.Mayonez flavored bacon popcorn "bekonpop" lip balm and "yum-yum-envelopes" — is also unusual products of this company.

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