Because of melting ice polar bears interbreed with brown

In 2006, hunters had seen an unusual arctic bear — white with brown spots. Genetics, studied animal DNA, came to the conclusion that not bear dirty, and was born from two different species — polar bear and grizzly bear. In 2010, Canadian hunters shot another such bear, which was a hybrid of the second generation …

So far, interspecific hybridization between different species of bears happened only on the initiative of the breeders. Therefore, meeting the hybrid bears in the wild, some scientists were surprised and bothered.

Scientists believe that the root cause of interbreeding — climate change, which resulted in the previously isolated populations began to divide one ecological niche. Natural ice barriers disappear, opening the way for inter-service cooperation. According to researchers, this is another factor contributing to the extinction of polar bears.

"The more isolated related species will be meeting each other, the more likely that the rare species of animals and their genomes will join the" common cup "of the dominant species and disappear altogether," — biologists write in a paper published in Nature.

Igor Selivanov


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