Belarus is fenced off from infections

Ministry of Health of Belarus has taken additional measures to prevent the introduction and spread throughout the country of dangerous infectious diseases.

Measures are due to the development of the cholera epidemic situation in Ukraine and the infection caused by E. coli enteragemaragichnay, Germany.

In particular, the press service of the Ministry reminded that "a ban on transit of raw vegetables grown in the European Union, through the territory of Belarus, the Russian Federation to the individual orders. "

Moreover, "Tracked delivery of each lot of raw vegetables had been brought from the EU to the point of sale in Belarus." Moreover, "the documents accompanying a note" for sale on the territory of Belarus. "

According to the press service of the ministry, "prohibited to the individual orders, the use of imported raw vegetables for cooking in educational institutions, day care centers, health institutions, health centers and health institutions."

Also the "enhanced sanitary-quarantine control of passengers arriving by air, rail and road from the countries that are dangerous for cholera, an acute intestinal infection."



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