Belarusians can be without trees on New Years because of global warming

Belarus threatens to dry forests due to climate change — scientists warn. Particularly devastating effect it has on coniferous trees.

At a press conference, the director of the Forest Institute of the National Academy of Sciences Alexander Kovalevich, climate change is already having on the Belarusian forests extremely negative impact.

Studies have shown that we lose spruce — escape the heat, it gradually extended to the north.

Because of the dry mass of the tree plantations in the southern areas of Belarus had to conduct sanitary clear felling.

Since the cut in a large number of trees were removed from the reproductive process, there was a threat to genetic diversity Belarusian forests.

At the same time, Alexander Kowalewicz noted that Belarus still a large potential for recovery spruce. Meeting this challenge will be one of the main activities of the Belarusian forests in the coming years.

However, from the unusual heat affects not only the conifers.
Big problems in a changing climate have ash and alder, and the impact felt by other tree species.

Professionals looking for ways to solve these problems, in some ways they are succeeding.
But in general, the situation is disappointing. But, in fact, there is a struggle with the consequences, and to eliminate the cause — steadily tepleyuschy climate — scientists can not.

Climatologists predict that summer in our latitudes will become hotter and hotter. In these conditions, vegetation change is inevitable.

Well even if the trees are "go" for yourself.
In coming years, the biggest threat to the Belarusian forest fires will become. The sad experience of Russia this year showed what catastrophic consequences they may cause.

— This year, the forest service in Belarus conducted coordinated preventive work to prevent fires, and it was a success, — said Alexander Kovalevich — Climate change, such work is of paramount importance.

Andrew Asin


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