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Channeling. SaLuSa 1 October 2012.

You step back in one month and, looking back, you can see how fast time flies. During this period, you, as Lightworkers, have done so much work to raise levels of consciousness, which is a general awakening. This is a great achievement against the Illuminati attempts to distract you and to spread fear. You do not see the mass arrests, as expected, but nevertheless, all the changes mentioned earlier, are on track. Delays have demonstrated how much you have learned, keeping his attention on more important things related to your own evolution. There is no ego to think of themselves, because no one else will prepare you for the Rapture, but you can find lots of advice.

External events are not important to your progress, but they give you the opportunity to understand that prepares you for the future. It is your right, you deserve it, raising your vibration, and it reflects your grand ascent to the light. You can not just decide that you want to ascend, and succeed, not added to this first effort required. No need to absorb the mountains of information, but there are also one that will help your understanding. More importantly, it is how you feel inside, and can you look outside yourself and accept that you are all one. This greatly helps you to create a higher level of consciousness.

As soon as you step on the path of becoming a lightworker, then you may well get there. This does not mean that you need to become a teacher or to instruct others, and that his example you can be a shining light. This way you will be able to inspire others, wherever you may be, a good smile or a word, and it will have a much greater impact than you can imagine. Of course, you need to make friends with your ego, which still attempts to keep "your old self", as you do not forget who you were before. It is here that the greatest changes occur, as you rise above the lower vibrations, and all that is part of them. This may even mean a careful choice of friends that will be more compatible with you and understanding the changes in you. Soul with the lower vibrations are often very rude and commit negative actions, and with them you may be uncomfortable. But as you grow you will also learn how to protect yourself from them.

Due to the Law of Attraction you will naturally gravitate to the souls of a similar vibration. This will be the kind of friendship where you help each other grow, and it probably will continue after the Ascension. Sometimes these relationships can be very close and indicate that you have been together many times before, and that you come from the same Star Families. Remember that every soul came to Earth from another civilization, and you are an alien, like all the others. And because you are very pleasant thought for a meeting with us. At one time, you will learn his real family, who followed your progress and will be very happy to meet you again.

The land was your test area, and due to its low vibration you had little chance to know your true self. Just like any other soul, sometimes you are deeply immersed in his life, not realizing that you are out of touch with their true reality. In fact it was so intended, that you fully know the lower dimension and all its difficulties. This experience could lead you into confusion and even to oppress after the life that you have left, first incarnated on Earth. Now it's different, because you're back to the light and realize their true origin as a mighty soul with incredible creative abilities. When you ascend, you will again be able to use that power, becoming a reliable and knowledgeable soul.

So, Dear, continue its climb up and not slow down on what happens outside of you. In fact, all moving to, to ensure the completion of this cycle by the Ascension, and you will reap the fruits of all that was promised to you. Do not waste your energy worrying about other things, because everything will come to its successful completion in accordance with the Creator's perfect plan for you all. Be sure that the cleaning of the Earth is, even if you do not see or hear much evidence of this. We and our allies carried out joint actions, and we not only maintain the balance in the world, and to prevent increased damage. Soon progress has accelerated sharply when the new devices will be available to the public, and will be even faster when we arrive on your Earth.

As you know, we continue to insist on receiving the result of the work that our allies have put to eliminate the Dark Forces of the way. The more they can buy time to recognize the fact that they lost the battle, but they continue to go to war arrogantly that still leads to death and destruction. We wonder how much time your leaders still need to understand that the war has never solved the problem. They just hyping it until, as has happened often before, did not start World War II with the loss of many lives. The answer to this would be to send your love and light, if there is a threat, especially those leaders who are directly responsible for it. This definitely helps, and it plays a big role here your complete faith in the power of the Light.

Love is the most powerful energy of all, and on your current level you have seen it in action in healing, and in spite of the presence of the lower energies, it works. You need faith and understanding, otherwise it will not have the maximum power you can give. It is known that a mother's love heals, and this is another example of what it can do. Each of you has some healing abilities inside, but you often question them, so they do not have the full power that might possess. Be positive and make a contribution to help raise the Earth and life on it. Remember that you must ascend with Mother Earth, and many other forms of life are also willing to do so. Not least are willing and animals, many of whom are your pets or have been tamed to serve you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I send love and blessings on behalf of all your friends and family on board our ships.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light
Translation: Sergey Z

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