Climate change has led to what is now the coast of Sweden are found sharks

Sharks off the coast of SwedenRecently, the Swedish marine biologists are increasingly recorded "visits" unusual for local water fish species. So, off the coast of Sweden, now you can find sharks. Not the biggest and most terrible, and a smaller one. For example, the northern and southern dog sharks. First reach a length of 85 to 140 cm, the second — from 70 to 165 cm traditional habitats and those, and others — the eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the North Sea.

Another guest — gray shark — comes to Sweden rarely. At home, in the Mediterranean, it can grow up to 2 meters, but those observed off the coast of the kingdom, were not so great.

Of sharks in the Baltic Sea is most common katran. Its length can reach 160 cm, but get to Sweden mainly individuals less — not more than 120 cm

In the Øresund strait separating Sweden and Denmark, we can see now, a lot of exotic fish. The water is quite warm for them and is quite comfortable.

"When the warm water masses are sent to Sweden, with them can sail fish, usually inhabiting the southern latitudes, in the Mediterranean region", — explained marine biologist Gothenburg University Klas Malmberg in an interview on SVT. According to him, over time, exotic species will become more and more.

In addition to sharks, in Øresund met and St. Peter's fish, and a giant squid.

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