Communal risen hindsight, rise in price of sugar was warned in advance

On the 12th of February in Belarus significantly increase the price of sugar — again by 10%. Sugar rises in price the second time in less than a month. Retroactively — from 1 February — have grown tariffs for housing and communal services. And electricity has risen by 31%, gas at certain positions — more than twice.

Last time the price of sugar rose two weeks ago: January 26, they have also grown by an average of 10%. Ministry of Economy explains that the decision was taken "on the proposal" Belgospischeprom "and the Ministry of Commerce to compensate for increased cost of sugar and taking into account the higher retail prices for sugar, consisting of the neighboring countries." Thus, kilogram of sugar from February 12 would cost at least 3600 rubles. And the price of buckwheat recently surprised even the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Hope Kotkovets900-gram package of cereals produced in Russia is 16,000.

Andrew Jurkov

Expert in agriculture, teacher Hoerki selhozakademii Andrew Jurkov:

"We have less opportunity to influence the price of sugar is than buckwheat. Because we are not on sugar major manufacturers. In this situation, the price of sugar rising why? Because prices are rising on world markets. And as buckwheat, we could fill it yourself and neighbors. But buckwheat does not give too high yields. A race to the shaft, the growth VUPu and threw buckwheat from our farms. Virtually no it is not engaged, because then not carry out the plans. And then "let 10 million tons of grain and all." Well, then, let buckwheat for 16,000 to buy, and their grain to sell for pennies. "

Economist Michael Zaleski, that an increase in prices, opined:

Michael Zaleski

"If the money does not come from outside, they are taken from the environment. There are different ways to get them. Then — this is a technical problem that decide the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Commerce — they will all be in some way to try to recover the money: rising prices, tariffs. "

People have not yet recovered from the shock that caused the utility bills for December: then increase the utility attributed the cold weather, saying that it took a lot of fuel for heating. A couple of days will come new tickets. On February 1, significantly more expensive electricity: 12 to 31.4%. The cost of cold water increased by 21.2%. For some items the gas price increased more than twice. The once head of the country pradeklyaravav that the prices of utility services may not increase by more than $ 5 per year, and this figure is often repeats. Although even simple arithmetic calculations show that this is not the case.

Zaleski"The fact is that this is very difficult to understand: there are all sorts of tricks. This may be due to the recalculation of the past year, this may be due to the increase that occurs within five dollars, which declared Lukashenko. Maybe in every one, there are not all you will find. However, the majority of people of moderate means, and not even trying to analyze these vouchers. This is purely Belarusian approach: if a person can not fight with something, he just waved his hand at it … "

A common Belarusians are tired even resent rising prices and explain simple:

"Due to our wallets president will now compensate for the golden rain that poured down on the voters before the election, by which he wanted to buy the votes of ordinary Belarusians and loyalty."



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