Dmitry Uss: The fate Lukashenko depends on Russia

Today, the former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss once again cause the interrogation by the KGB. About it and about his vision of the situation in Belarus, he said on the air of Radio Liberty.

Sous: How do the KGB, which methods they use?

Mustache: I have a business here in Belarus. Therefore, they are blackmailed with a business perspective. They say that if I go to jail, my business would fall apart if I get out of prison, I do not have bread. They are blackmailing business. Like, close the business, and I will not be able to live normally. I have a small child, you need to educate and feed. On this they are most under pressure.

Sous: And what do they require?

Mustache: They require that I testified against Statkievich that he intentionally did these riots. They insist that I built a slander Statkievich. My position is that there was a peaceful protest. A riots were provoked by security, and that I and Statkievich never meant to deal with riots, which today they incriminate us, to all the ex-presidential candidate.

I would like to tell you that I am most worried about. We have the following situation in Belarus. We have 2.5 million pensioners and 3 million state employees. To this number of people to feed, need about $ 15 billion a year to maintain the system, to control and manipulate it. Today in Belarus there is no money. If you currently sell refined products in Europe, it is wrong. Europe needs to make economic sanctions on the purchase of petroleum products to the regime quickly collapsed. If it does not, then the mode will keep for very long.

Sous: If you will be introduced economic sanctions, political prisoners be released?

MustacheAll depends on Russia. If Russia will require a release, the Lukashenko to release them. Because he has no choice. Because it is practically in the hands of Russia. The Russian leadership to determine the fate of Lukashenko.

Sous: Do not you regret that you have decided to go for the presidency? What gave you that experience?

Mustache: My task was to inform people what is happening in Belarus. I did it. Even the KGB are surprised when I say this. Our electoral system is so constructed that no amount of vote, still choose the right one — for administrative resource. My main task — to create public opinion to newsletters believed that people are protected by law.

Sous: Do you think that the publicity — the best protection if called in for questioning by the KGB. What advice would you give other suspects in cases of riots on December 19, which are silent about the interrogations of the KGB. Should I talk about them as you do with it?

Mustache: I can not for the others only speak for myself. This individually. But I can say that we must speak the truth.

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