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Epistle Miraelya

Epistle Miraelya from 9/12/12

The message based on the fact that in recent years more and more people are asking the following questions: Do I like (s) he? Do we have a future with him (her)? What are we going

Loves-loves me not …

Yes, the issues that wish to dispel doubts about aspects of love continues to haunt the minds of the (individual). Yes, that's minds, because the heart (soul) is not given by the questions. How do you think, dear, why, and in the New awareness of these issues continue to exist? The answers are:

— Lack of communication between people. Inability to be frank and open.

— Lack of communication with oneself, inability to be honest, to distinguish the call of the soul from the body and longing desire of Mind (Persons).

— Shifting responsibility for their lives on the shoulders of others. No uncertainty in itself, nor a partner.

— Inability to feel Heart (Soul) Middle;

— fear to learn something painful, hurting feelings (core ego — personality).

Questions about the feelings of uncertainty were the Beloved can be drawn, the old energy. Help limit the density of duality, the small number of outcome events in the space of options. And it is for this at the time and there were people with open abilities (psychics) to help navigate this limited range space of options.

Space option — it is constantly changing energy structure flexible, with different levels of vibration, which are attached to the outcome of various events for a specific person. So, we have said that the space of variations in the old energy dense duality containing restrictions, a small number of scenarios on a particular issue. The man had a well-organized and practically does not change the karmic card Life, which has been fixed prices movement in this incarnation.

In the Age of the New Age the situation has changed. After the Cosmic Convergence in 1987, you take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, enhanced vibrations, expanded worldview, raise awareness to incredible frequencies. But … the question remains, does not it? This impact energy of inertia (live old habits of thinking and perception of the world and people). You still need to "time" to rebuild your questions, their relevance and harmony, conformity of your new vibration.

In the Age of New Age space of options has become even more flexible. Faster change the outcome of events, more options are offered for specific tasks. And everything depends on one of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, words, deeds — and space options vary drastically.

Now we will show you what happens when you speak to people, I assure you that they "see the future". Expensive, "see the future" — it is impossible in the era of the New Age! Every second, a split second It changes! But … if you do decide to "tell fortunes by fate", then you should know that these predictors can see only one option and that option depends on in which emotional states IS THIS MAN. For example, if a predictor for a minute before you came quarreled with the previous client, upon request by going to the space of variations in vibration Forecaster sees only ADVERSE outcome. Conversely, if a predictor is included in the space of variations in the quiescent state of the Spirit (Person), he will see favorable scenarios. But neither the first nor the second case does not give you an exact answer! Although there is a danger programmed to determine the outcome of situations! Certain outcome for you, but not for neighbor! If the forecaster told you that you will be together with the Beloved, and the situation has changed in the space of variations under the influence of the Law of Free Will, you should know: Your mind is programmed (Person) will suffer much, because it is configured to share happiness! Remember: if you seek the advice of soothsayers, so you're not responsible for your life and do not believe your partner! That's worth thinking about it!

Well, honey, we may surprise you with the following statement: You, yes, you are, the ability to KNOW WHETHER YOU LIKE YOUR PARTNER! How do I know? So:

— Return the culture of spiritual communication between you. You do not know anything because of lack of information. You may already have lost the habit of a heart communication, from heart-to-heart talk. Maybe you're talking about minor things. You may be ashamed to open his heart and perhaps the same feeling your partner. Be aware that most of the couples parted BECAUSE stopped communicating sincere, simple, honest, giving in to the will of this communication partner! This is a very expensive quality — communication Hearts — take care of it! Just talk to your lover: ask what (s) he feels like seeing your future, that he was concerned, etc. Why go to these questions to a stranger, giving him the keys to your happiness?

— Try to restore the harmonious communion with himself. Try the same questions to ask yourself. Speak with your Soul, mentally or aloud. Tell Me all about themselves, their feelings, hopes and fears. Cease to be ashamed of themselves, their feelings, emotions and thoughts. Accept yourself as you really are. Find out what you really want, what you feel in fact, that you REALLY IMPORTANT.

— Try to learn to feel your loved one without words — on the energy level. In the silence, feel the mood away Beloved. Learn how to be spiritually attentive to each other! This is very important! Learn to Speak with your heart, souls, energy!

Always with you, Mirael, master of his powers.

Explanation of harmonic convergence.

Harmonic Convergence — one of the biggest events New Age (the "New Era"). Its initiator Jose Arguelles argued that, according to the Mayan calendar and other peoples, August 16-17, 1987 in the world at the same time completed several cosmic, galactic and planetary cycles. Such convergence (convergence) cycles (harmonics) has led to the disclosure of energy, allow land to move to a new level of consciousness. For this have been held mass rituals in key "places of power" of the Earth.

The essence of the process is to ensure that all the forces of Light, at a precise astronomical cycle, in a single act of co-creation focus their efforts on achieving a common goal. In this case, the goal — Rise of the Planet Earth.

First Harmonic Convergence was held August 16-17, 1987. World Peace Meditation held. This event was to gather at dawn on 16 August, at least 144,000 people. People had to gather in the sacred places of the planet, including the names: the Great Pyramid in Egypt (Giza), Lake Baikal in Siberia, rock Aires in Australia Glastonbury in England, Machu Picchu in Peru; Heleakala mountain in Hawaii and Mount Shasta in the United States. According to reports, the participants gathered far more than the required 144,000, and so it was a unique event and a global event of its kind. People with different cultural and religious beliefs, have come together to create a prayer for peace. It was the most powerful universal spiritual event in the history of mankind.

Epistle Miraelya from 9/13/12

About love.

— Love overshadows World. Love opens up a whole universe of infinite possibilities. Lover man forgets about his business, hobbies, service. To replace him, the whole world loved one. Loving person, why would not touch — create a masterpiece, enough time for him everything, and create art projects, and care for others, and create around beauty and harmony. A man in love with you requires your constant time and attention. This is a selfish request. A loving person does not require — He just admires you as a free agent, singing his songs for all.

— Love is based on the Passion — the constant desire to have a body, mind and emotions (the object of their feelings.) A man in love admiring himself in the reflection of kind words, gentle touch, a confession. Passion requires more and more energy, and when saturated — passes and love. Passion has no time limit and the energy consumption of another person. Love — is eternal sense. Loving person respects and adores body Beloved, asking nothing but the deepest gratitude taking what makes a loved one. For many, this sounds amazing and fantastic, but feel these words, dear.

— Love — it is a mental (personal) stop development; Love — is a powerful impetus Inspiration Mind (Soul, which is in conjunction with God.) When a person is in love, he thinks and acts instinctively guided by sexual desire and emotional outbursts. Love — a reasonable (mudra, as the feeling of love is the soul, which, through a particle of the Holy Spirit in a person has a relationship with parents by God), and it is constantly in a state of spiritual Development (stronger connection with the spiritual world: his soul, and other souls God) and self-improvement. When a man truly loves, he inspired to create, comes to him through the heart (soul) The images, ideas, projects (loving personality has access to the memory of the soul from past lives in the more advanced races and civilizations). This man loves the world and wish to offer your creation.

— Jealousy — a compulsory companion love. You see, the ego (the low-lying parts of the self) in the passion is well aware of that love — time and then that may be a new love in the Beloved. The ego is always judged only on their own. But while private passion is not quenched, a man in love desperately jealous. What is jealousy? Jealousy — is the reverse concept of faith ("roar" on the contrary would be "faiths"). Jealousy — selfish attitude to the man, the fear of losing it, because there is no faith in what your relations are a really. Therefore, if there is jealousy — the need to turn inward and to have faith in all its aspects.

— the most striking sign of love is excessive emotionality, abrupt transitions sentiment pendulum. No wonder there is a saying — "from love to hate one step." But now you realize, dear, that it was from love to hate is just one step of an emotional impulse, mood, reason. A man in love emotionally unbalanced: the tears, the laughter, the affection, the rage — the ego directs that the fear of loss, the disgust of satiety. Do you know that only three senses in the universe balance Man: Love, Peace and Joy. True Love brings joy — constant admiration, calm contemplation. This is a very deep feelings, which is stronger than any displays of affection.

— Love is always in fear — the loss, to be loved, cheating, etc. All thoughts, words and actions are guided by a fear of the ego. Therefore, they say that love is unreasonable, do not know what they do. Fear — a very shaky platform for decision making.

— Lovers are always in a hurry to be together without feeling or trying to feel what's really going on. Impatience, haste — also comes from the passion and fear not enough. But Love — forever, and she always has a gentle confidence in everything that happens. Serenity Love does not mean cold and calculating. Last emotions (and this is emotion!) Just are cooled passions. Love is always hot in her is the unquenchable fire Eternal Allegiance. This is what you always dream, Dear!

— Love is not always sufficient, it constantly needs "in the second half." A man in love is experiencing inner inferiority complex and is trying to assert themselves at the expense of time, attention, compliments, etc. Beloved. Lover think he always something missing. In the future, there are complaints, accusations, and sometimes insults, accusations of lack of care. Love is always self-sufficient. She wishes one thing: that a loved one was happy, WHETHER OR NOT NEAR IT. And under the second "half" LOVING PERSON KNOWS NOT flawed, in need of His love, and self-sufficient, whole and complete beings. He gives his love, expecting nothing in return, but it was such a love is often a mutual. Imposed deterred their aggressive attitude persistence — "to be together."

— And, of course, honey, we'll talk about a frequent topic — freedom in a relationship. A man in love is jealous of everybody, and to friends and relatives, and to the profession, and to the passions, everything that takes your time and attention! A man in love is holding the Beloved in the grip of his emotions, fears and complexes, not giving room to breathe and move in the direction of the development of mind and body. — Freedom is the privilege of Love, Dear, just love … loving home gives you freedom to — freedom to be yourself. Loving admires you and when you are very happy, and when you are upset. He is infinitely valued by you and in times of sorrow, and illness, and are happy for you to watch. In moments of trial loving person always there for you. Consistency — a sure sign of True Love, for behind her eternity.

— Love is selfish in nature. Her little energy for herself. The true love involves Service. Loving a charitable art projects for Humanity, for Nature Gaia, etc. For love is it is not clear: the whole world for him — is beloved of his body, compliments, time and attention. The rest just does not exist or is useless. Therefore love istrachivaet itself to the passion and emotion and ends with the devastation and disappointment. A Love? Love is Eternal, for the Beloved in their creations for all to continue to exist, continue to love and be loved — forever …

Always with you, Mirael, master of his powers.

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