Green puppy born in Brazil

At the end of November in Mairinke, which is 65 kilometers from the capital of the state of São Paulo, a Labrador puppy was born with green hair. This extraordinary event, the newspaper Globo.

This puppy was the only newborn unusual colors in a litter of nine brothers and sisters. Hosts gave an unusual pet name Hulk U.S. comics, which became furious green.
Veterinarians, who first encountered the phenomenon and explain this by the fact that his mother's placenta contained a large amount of biliverdin or green pigment.

By the way, after only 10 days of green began to fade from the hide puppy and he becomes more and more like their "white" brothers and sisters.

Puppy (rare Shchen, praslav. Scene) — baby dog, wolf, fox, sable and other members of the canine and weasel. Pups also called pups walruses and seals. Also puppies in some fantasy works called juvenile — representatives kinoidnyh races, for example, Golovanov.



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