In Odessa, the sky fell bats

In Odessa, the sky fell batsMany residents of Odessa December 28 puzzled unusual natural phenomenon. As the "Timer" in the dead of winter in many parts of the city from the sky suddenly fell bats.

According to witnesses, bats behaving sluggishly, "were in a very depressed state," some, apparently died.

Local biologist Valentin Nikolayev told the publication that the bats obviously disoriented weather. In Odessa and the surrounding area for a long time kept cold, which suddenly gave way to thaw to +7 degrees.

Animals away from the slumber, got out of their hiding places and flew. But, as it happened much earlier than the time they do not feel very well — fall and bang.

"Well, it's the same thing that you have to wake up an hour or four in the morning" — said Nikolayev.

Verkhovna Rada after a long dispute with a third attempt to adopt a law on the protection of bats. The document, in particular, said that the Ukrainian state is obliged to do everything possible to protect bats from extinction.

Has Odessa measures to save power outs to animals, not reported.

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