In Samara pond killing all the fish and frogs

In Samara pond killing all the fish and frogs

Today, the news agency emergency "911" was approached by residents of homes along Fifth clearing.

Worried Samarians attendant told that with a natural body of water, which is located in Glade Frunze, the ninth line of the fifth through cuts, not all right.

According to the residents, to the surface of the pond surfaced all the inhabitants of the reservoir — fry and adult fish, frogs, little lake is above the sulfur smell.

Employees of "Rescue 911" were quick to inform the relevant services of the unusual phenomenon reported by the Center for Environmental problems SEU, the Centre for Monitoring of water and the geological environment of the Samara region, as well as at regional GUSO Environment Ministry.

In place of the departed professionals who take the tests and samples of water and soil.

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