Ludwig and Kurianovich released on Akrestsin Vinyarski — brought by the Kharkiv

Evening of February 9 from prison in Akrestin to freedom activists Kasia Ludwig, Palina Kuryanovich and Maxim Vinyarski who have served 10 days in jail for an action of solidarity with political prisoners on January 30 near the KGB.

The first of the insulator in Akrestsin about 6 pm, and went Kasia Ludwig andPalina Kuryanovich. Activists who met them, waiting to see what is about to be released andMaxim Vinyarski of "European Belarus". But took almost an hour — nothing has changed.

Pauline Dyakova, Friends who waited out the prisoners Akrestin: "He advanivsya, said he was released. And we waited, waited. A staff member came and said that all have been released that were not expected. We have to ask, how is it? He returned to the detention center, and after a while Max phoned that he was taken to the Kharkiv and released. We are here for this reason, very angry. This is contrary to the law and not human. Here, people are going forward. "

Palina Kuryanovich with his brother.

About Maxim Health Vinyarski who was on hunger strike, Pauline Dyakova knows nothing.

Did not meet with Vinyarskaya in Akrestsin and Kasia Ludwig Pauline Kurianovich, which condemned along with the activist of "European Belarus" for 10 days. Girls say that the guards treated them normally, but the conditions of detention in Akrestsin bad as they were last year: the food is that there can not be no walk in the chamber instead of beds — wood flooring.

Palina Kuryanovich"The first two days we Catherine probably changed the 4 cameras, we drove back and forth, and then placed in a cell and there we were together all the rest of the time. On Akrestin since I was there last time, only changed one thing started to give out a small piece of soap and toilet paper a bit. Basically, everything else remains the same. Last time I was one day last year, and a total of Akrestin fifth time — just 41 days has stayed. "

Pauline Dyakova welcomes arms Palina Kuryanovich.

Kasia Ludwig repeated what she had said in court that deliberately went out to the KGB with a banner of freedom for political prisoners.

"It is bad that they are sitting. I am a trustee of Sannikov and I consider it my duty to go out in a day of solidarity with his portrait to support it "

Reporter"Stand up you could literally a minute. I've been there and seen it. You — a brave girl. All were concerned, if you are pulled into a bus: if there had not been beaten? "

"No, everything was fine. Partly treated properly. "

Just a solidarity rally on January 30 was attended by several dozen people, among them the elderly, including the well-known politician Yuri Khadika sister. The police then arrested seven people, including three court punished by arrest, and four fine. The next day, Brussels has imposed sanctions against Belarus — banned more than 150 persons from entering the EU.



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