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Message from SaLuSa from September 17.

"During the cycle of duality you have lived many lives, and if you look back, you'll probably find that they were one of the most difficult that you have had. Reason is that you are going through the lowest vibration when you- or learn. This meant that you felt more detached (four curtain separated the land from the residents of the spiritual world) from the source (from God — the parents of his soul) than all of the previous life, and you lived in a largely thanks to its survival instincts. Those who brings light to the earth, had problems with his ground, and by bringing the balance between it and the dark energy. Sometimes you reach the depths of darkness and humanity seemed lost all hope of return.

However, those higher beings who are responsible for the fate of humanity (Teachers Shambhala), had other plans, and gradually the scales tipped in the direction that the light began to gain strength. Just recently it started to become apparent and acquire influence. Despite the constant hostility between the two countries, the light began to empower those who have come to Earth to take such necessary changes. The chaos and misery, he began recreating grid of Light around the Earth. Since then, they have become powerful pillar of light, and radiant. The result is a group of Light who are able to educate people about the truth, and now you are standing on the threshold of full enlightenment.

Life is getting lessons in your choice of experience, knowing that you will be using it through service to the Light. The aim is to unite the soul with them to again become part of the whole (the Creator), to which they belong. But Ascension means separation at the physical level so that each soul may continue on its current path. Some already are in an expanded state of consciousness and their desired path to ascension, while others do not even think about it because they are still hungry for duality. This is the free choice that you're doing, so you need to let all act accordingly. In fact, no one is left behind, and they will derive great benefit from the experience.

Evolution never end as long as you do not completely return to the Source (for God — parents of the Soul), and even then you will have new cycles of gaining experience (but it will happen in the next universe.) But this is far away from you, and you still have a long way to go until you reach it. God created countless universes, and you can choose to start a whole new experience, if they wish. The future that awaits you, full of wonder and adventure, and you'll find endless manifestations of light and magical forces of creation. Life on earth is a little reminiscent of the kind of life in which you are about to go, but you will be very easy to adjust the Galactic Being. Very soon, you will return to your real home among the stars and reunite with your true families. Your earthly experience is just a tour of your place of residence in the higher dimensions, you will soon be back. "

The last words are addressed to more SaLuSa Star Wanderer — Masters of the White City, who decided to take part in the experiment and to help humanity in a given period of time; Lightworkers of the Galactic Federation of Light, and this applies also to the representatives druih extraterrestrial civilization, the best of their society because only the strongest can pass this test.

Let us return to the Book:

"As we often tell you, so many just waiting for you to come (Ascension and life in a new world will be opened to all people new perspectives and opportunities) that will take you to new heights. When you ascend, unless for some reason you do not choose to spend more time in the new three-dimensional world, prepared for those who will not be carried up (one of the two worlds created by Surya), you never have to go back. You're almost done with the lower vibrations, and many souls can protect themselves from the lower energies. You just need to surround himself with a strip of white light for his defense. doing so, you will want to avoid expressions of negativity in his speech, for it is likely to destroy your defenses and make you vulnerable to them. best to concentrate on anything that relates to the Light and keeping your attention on the Ascension is one of the possible ways.

So many people still carry the baggage that needs addressing, and it will keep coming back to him until he is cleared. It will come to you in the form of provocative thoughts, then in fact you know that you are beyond that to which they encourage you. Talk to this "other" person (a person on a previous life, which was characterized by thoughts) that reminds you of these things, and be firm, ask her to leave, as it is more of you are not interested. You have to know you allow a problem, and if you often enough to give them up, the problem will disappear. Some of you need to clear your karma, and that you are busy with their cleaning. Of course, it may relate to other people, and often you can work together to resolve any problem. Previous relationships often bring people together again is to help each other to achieve this.

Understand that you have agreed to do the hard work to prepare for the Rapture, but you will never be without help. In fact, each soul has its associates, even those who are steeped in the lower energies. Each soul is still owned by the Light and never left alone, because they all have the ability to do its way back to him. Remember that the only reason that you know the light and the dark, it is because you are in duality, and sought to understand how these two aspects can contribute to your evolution. Naturally, the ultimate goal is to be able to overcome the dark energy, rising above them. Many of you have been successful and know that you did it, and your place in the ascended realms guaranteed.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I feel like our levels of consciousness more and more come into harmony to the extent that you are looking for the truth and expand their levels. Many of you will gain an understanding of the remaining weeks, for an endless stream of light continues to come to Earth. During the alignment of your Sun with the Great Central Sun (Nibiru) you will experience a significant increase in light and learn it. "

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