Minsk sell Beltransgaz for the Russian domestic gas prices

The Belarusian government has linked the sale of "Gazprom" second half of the shares of "Beltransgaz" with the transition to the Russian domestic gas prices for Belarus.

This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko

"The current contract ends on 31 December this year. We are now discussing a draft contract for 2012-2014, and in this contract to establish a new approach — said V.Semashko. — These approaches are based on the package of agreements that we have signed on Dec. 9 2010, creating a single economic
space ".

In this V.Semashko noted that the contract of sale
50% of "Beltransgaz" held in Belarus, "Gazprom"
is almost fully cooked, but the solution to this
the issue is linked with the signing of a new gas supply contract
in Belarus.

The fact that the documents on the purchase of "Gazprom" second half of the shares of "Beltransgaz" "have a high degree of readiness" yesterday as chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller. He noted:

"The difficulty is that The Belarusian side links the signing of the contract with the supply of gas to Belarus January 1, 2012. Our position is that they are different documents, different issues, and they should not be confused. "

In May 2007, "Gazprom" and the State Committee on Property Republic of Belarus signed a contract for the sale of 50% shares of "Beltransgaz" for $ 2.5 billion in equal installments over four years. In 2010 the transaction was completed.

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