Raids to prevent cutting the oil will start in Moscow on December 17

"Operation Christmas Tree" to prevent illegal felling firs begin in Moscow on December 17, police inspectors and rangers will patrol the forest every day, RIA Novosti reported on the Committee of Forestry, Moscow region.

"With the approach of the Christmas holidays from December 17 to begin operation" herringbone "to prevent logging of coniferous saplings. Foresters, forestry inspectors, the police will be involved in these daily raids. Is approved patrol routes, they include sections on which grow these young spruce . will also be patrolled tree plantations and nurseries, "- said the agency interlocutor.

For violators set a fine in the amount of three thousand rubles for individuals up to 100 thousand rubles — for businesses. Also provides for confiscation of the instruments undergoing cutting, if the amount of the damage does not exceed five thousand. If forestry is heavily damaged, the criminal punishment of violators waiting, reminded the committee.

"The amount of damage is determined by the foresters in place on the established principle of the calculation, because the value of the oil depends on their age, height and location of growth," — said the interviewee.

She added that all the 17 December to the end of the year will be conducted 280 raids. According to her, patrolling forests are made regardless of the season. Thus, forest rangers fight illegal logging of forest plantations, squatting, garbage, but in these raids the police are not involved, as opposed to New Year.

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