RF offer to become a gendarme of Eurasia?

Apparently, the unstable geopolitical situation in the world (with a total disappointment control of of failure of the CIS structures) has led to the idea of the beginning of the reform of CSTO. This was not so long ago read and Alexander Lukashenko with Nikolai Bordyuzha. After all, once Organization Contract on collective security thought almost as opposed to the North Atlantic Alliance. Ultimately, the plan is a good idea and the CIS, reborn into something completely senseless and stupid. Now all should share, and Russian Federation should be the main peacemaker on a broad post-Soviet space and even beyond.

In principle, the activation of similar plans reviewed and Medvedev on the visit to Tajikistan, where Russia decided to keep the base has nearly half a century, and along the way to re-equip the Tajik armed forces. This is to save the republic from plunging into chaos if the Americans will run away from Afghanistan and the Taliban will get a free hand. Our homeland wishes to suspend this risk on distant borders.

In the base plan to transform the CSTO may be on proposals from the Institute of Contemporary Development (Institute of Contemporary Development), where Dmitry Medvedev is the chairman of the board of trustees. Head of Institute of Contemporary Development, Igor Jurgens, the report "CSTO responsible safety"Offered three principles, based on which, perhaps, will transform the CSTO.

Institute of Contemporary proposed to change the principle of collective decision-making, at the present time they are submitted solely in order to give full consent. Now the institute offers limited ordinary majority. CSTO not need Moscow only for "chit-chat". With all this Jurgens referred to the future withdrawal of U.S. troops and NATO forces from Afghanistan and the ongoing "special position" of Uzbekistan on almost all issues that rise up in the organization. Therefore, it is time to elect what is more important — national security of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan or "opinion" Karimov. This proposal is completely logical and in the interests of, the security of our country.

But here's another sentence confirms the "authority" Institute of Contemporary Development, a pro-Western organization. It fits into the concept of so-called. "Reset" in relations between Russia and the United States, but not in our strategic national interests, the very history of relations between Russia and NATO countries. The Institute of Contemporary Development offers "coordinate" with the concept of an act of CSTO NATO. Institute of Contemporary Development, believes that "the important task is to provide at least a partial operational comparability with contingent CSTO forces contingents Alliance response systems."

The third proposal — this should be the primary CSTO peacekeeping force in Central Asia and neighboring regions. Taking into account the preceding paragraph, there is a suspicion that the Russian fighter just want to once again make the "cannon fodder" of the West. Draw us into conflict with the Islamic world, for example through Afghanistan and Pakistan.


The newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" reports that such makarom under CSTO laid the political foundation for a bomb that could end up at one hundred percent discredit and kill this company. Almost all Member States CSTO have their "selfish" motives: the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko had previously taken the military alliance as a bargaining chip for beating financial aid from Moscow, now wants to use the alliance to oppress possible internal unrest; Yerevan CSTO need for deterrence of Azerbaijan, the presidents of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan only interested in maintaining and strengthening their power. Seriously related only to the organization of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

According to the views of "Moskovsky Komsomolets", so called. allies when necessary use a reformed CSTO, and then "throw with relish," Moscow. According to the publication Russia expects repeat the sad fate of similar 2-unions — a prisoner in the XIX century the Sacred Union and the Warsaw Pact. Within these organizations, Member States recalled "affiliate with" Russia-USSR exclusively in critical situations, in what turned out to be themselves, and in other cases, they would not care to "allies." Therefore it is not necessary to repeat the fate of the "gendarme of Europe" Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, becoming the "gendarme of Eurasia."

First vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov, believes that linking the act CSTO with the concept of NATO, at least not right. At least, as the North-Atlantic Alliance — a military organization of Western civilization, which is aimed at "the tasks of establishing control of the West over the basic resources of the planet." According to the concept of Lisbon, there is a war in Libya, is intervention in the internal affairs of Syria country. In the end, tying Russian Federation to the concept of the Alliance is doing to our country "hostage NATO same ambitions for world domination," Our homeland will be the policy of NATO supplies in the world.

The idea to make the CSTO and Russia "policeman" in the post-Soviet space (giving organizations the possibility to stabilize crisis situations), in conjunction with the concept of NATO, will lead to the fact that we act not in the interests of the peoples of the Russian Federation, and in the interests of the West.

The idea is for a decision by a simple majority of votes is completely positive. The move will increase the efficiency of actions CSTO. But, again, if the earlier proposals will be accepted (of coherence with the concept of NATO and the Collective Security Treaty Organization to the main peacekeeper in post-Soviet space), it will be possible to intervene in the internal affairs of any country, without his consent.

Result sad, any suggestions Institute of Contemporary Development, lead to the fact that the Russian desire to reincarnate in the "gendarme of Eurasia", "not in the public interest and in the interests of the Western world."

To "modernize" the CSTO necessary to implement a completely different proposals. Sivkov states the need of creation of the real governing body of the Allied armed forces. Following the example, the NATO states. Very useful would be to increase the number of coalition forces of the CSTO, because at the present time their structure does not allow to solve large-scale tasks. Should clearly regulate the implementation of the CSTO forces in order to ensure collective security, improve the legal tools that streamline the use of armed forces in the interest of collective security.

We need to create a common system of air and space defense. EKO objects should be in the running as the state command, and collective. Conceive of integrated security services, is a broker would solve a number of problems, such as the ability to narrow the flow of drugs from Afghanistan to the former Soviet Union. We need to create a special agency that will coordinate the actions of one of the defense-industrial complex, supply forces of the CSTO with the latest technology, weapons.

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