Rose sugar and buckwheat

From February 12, the price of sugar in Belarus will grow by an average of 10%. The decision is contained in the decree of the Ministry of Economy number 14 from 7 February 2011.

Decree issued by the National Legal Internet Portal.

According to the document, the retail price of sugar by weight will be 3000 290 rubles per kilogram, on prepackaged in plastic or paper bags for one kilogram — 3,000 600 rubles.

Last sugar prices in Belarus rose two weeks ago, on January 26 — they also have grown by an average of 10%. Then in the official comments on the document Ministry of Economy explained that the decision adopted at the suggestion of "Belgospischeprom" and the Ministry of Commerce, "in order to compensate for increase in the cost of sugar and taking into account the higher sugar prices in the neighboring countries."

Meanwhile in stores has risen strongly buckwheat. Its value comes to 16,000 for the keel. By the end of last year after a significant rise in price as a result of crop failure buckwheat could Buy 5-6 thousand. Traders attributed the rise in prices that buckwheat imported from Russia and Ukraine, where in the past he was crop failure at her and importers set their own prices.

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