Russian ancestor of R2D2 preparing to fly

Before the bots that can be vsepolnotsennymi gallakticheskih crew members of ships, it is still very far away. But the first steps in this area have already been made, and the pace of progress of robotics suggest that by the end of the century we will be able to behold the real embodiment of mechanical droids of the saga "Star Wars" or even a medical robot Ash from the movie "Alien." While in space could work only remotely controlled mechanical manipulators, in part similar to the industrial boats. Approximately a year ago the International gallakticheskuyu station was brought under the title South American boat Robonaut-2, while Japan and Germany at the moment preparing to fly gallakticheskomu a special version of the project and ASIMO robot with the name Justin respectively.

Russian ancestor of R2D2 preparing to fly

On the old days it was clear that similar project is and Russia. Russian boat-astronaut received the title of SAR-400 and was created in the NGO "humanoid machines" in collaboration with the renowned Central Research Institute of Machine Building. As zabugornye fellow competitors, SAR-400 is made by the so-called torsovoy scheme. This means that the robot is similar to humans, but has no legs. For use in space that variant was found to be more effective. The fact that such bot in a human foot for space is not needed. Instead of them on most projects gallakticheskih bots set system attachment to the gallakticheskih devices or to a boom crane ISS. In turn, these mechanical arms in a human can simplify operator training such techniques, because they will not have to sort out which button or lever is responsible for the action or the other arm. As for the design of crowning the "head", it is not only an attempt to make the bot "the image and likeness" of man. In the photo the South American "Robonavta" or Russian SAR-400 shows that the inside of the part is installed on a rotating camera and microphones that transmit sound to the operator.

Head of the Moscow office of NGO "humanoid machines" Nosov said that the Russian kosmorobot has a number of necessary functions, including those applied for the first time in the world. Zabugornye gallakticheskie droids, as well as myself SAR-400, operated by copying system. Operator puts special vest and gloves, sunglasses and headphones with a screen, this works the same as it would work specifically with tools or objects without "intermediaries" in the form of a management system and the bot. Also similar to the development of Russian zabugornye placing cameras and microphones. But there are differences. For the first time in the world to actually applicable standard has been brought up a system of tactile senses. In the hands of manipulators-bot has special sensors that respond to pressure. The signal applied to their gloves operator where it is converted to the same pressure on the human hand. Naturally, in automation bot provides special filters that protect the operator from injury in emergency situations. Therefore, if a manipulator robot will be trapped in the tragedy, operator feel the pressure of such strength that is sufficient to realize the urgency of the situation, but less.

Glasses, earphones and gloves with simulated tactile contact cosmonaut-operator will receive a bot more disk imaging, including intuitive. In the end, it should seriously do a better user experience kosmorobotom. In the future, the development of a similar wide of the feedback may allow the operator to be positioned not only to gallakticheskoy station, and on the ground. If not for the big gallakticheskie distance, in the future could be to control the robot, for example, on the moon with the remote, located on Earth. But the radio signal in order to get from our planet to its satellite requires 5-7 seconds, and this is very much similar to the control equipment. Because radio-controlled boats-backed control system can perfectly be used only for short distances comparable with the remote.

At the same time, the science of the Earth, and yet is not going to send a remote-controlled boats across vast distances. Today kosmoroboty of their own destiny are the "fusion" of the prototype and technology, designed to help people. Because before sending it to space SAR-400 has passed a series of tests on the boards of Roscosmos. It was the model of the station "Mir" and trainer "Exit 2". In these complexes Tren alive astronauts and robot designers managed to gather pertinent information on the specifics of the use of similar techniques in the criteria that approximate gallakticheskim.

Plans for the fate of the SAR-400 while not very publicized, it is clear only that the NGO "Androidnye system" are going to send it to the ISS by the end of the year. So Makarov, this boat will be the second representative of their own class who got into orbit. BACKGROUND bot — "American» Robonaut-2 — the currently resides at the International gallakticheskoy station idle. After a few test spacewalks found problems with the control system. Responsible persons from NASA decided to stop the operation, "Robonavta" to correct the defects. So the SAR-400, becoming the second, likely to remain the only applicable gallakticheskim humanoid robot.

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