Solar activity is gaining momentum

Solar activity is gaining momentum

The appearance of sunspots, with more cool nature with a strong magnetic field, is proof of that. In mid-February 2011 in the Sun there were powerful in the past few years, an outbreak that led to the ejection of plasma radiation from the surface of the sun. Scientists NASA Heliophysics Division in Washington reported that there were clear indications of solar activity.

2008 was the beginning of a period of minimum solar activity. This is not unusual, during the last eleven years of regular solar cycle, but here at least delayed for a longer time.

For three years the Sun was in the marked cycle minimal activity. It was the longest period in the last hundred years. According to scientists, this period is now over, and the sun again gaining activity.

The onset of 2011 has given scientists new evidence of solar activity. Already recorded two cases of strong solar flares that occurred on February 14 and March 9. These outbreaks awarded class X, corresponding to the maximum power level outbreaks. In March, solar flash led to the release of billions of tons of hot plasma radiation.

Scientists who conducted the study last outbreak, claim that the release of the plasma is directed towards our planet and its speed exceeds five million km / h. This coronary release was the fastest and most powerful in the past six years. The next peak of the current cycle of solar activity is expected in the 2013-2014 year, and, according to scientists, the Earth could face a more powerful flash, which has never been.

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