The outgoing year was marked by unprecedented force eruptions in Kamchatka

Volcanologists call 2012-th year of unusual eruptions in Kamchatka in the continuing still rare power and intensity of volcanic eruptions and Tolbachik Kizimen, said the Kronotsky reserve.

"This year, the Kamchatka volcanologists watching two unique eruption … New Tolbachik Fissure Eruption affects speed and length of lava flows. According lava flow is four times the eruption of the Great Northern burst Tolbachik fissure eruption, and ten times — South breakthrough of the same famous eruption. area of the lava fields, extrusive in the first days of the eruption, compared with the area of Elizovo "- said a senior researcher at the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Samoilenko, as quoted by the Post.

Volcanologists have called 2012 "the year of the great lava flows" dedicated to the study of plane Tolbachik seminar.

A distinctive feature of the volcanic eruption Flat Tolbachik is that it takes place on the "Hawaiian", ie that volcanologists can watch Kamchatka only once every few decades. With such eruptions of lava flows rapidly, fontaniruya for hundreds of meters, the report says.

As for the eruption Kizimen, it was predicted in the early 90's Ivan Melekestsevym volcanologist.

"Over the past summer Volcano Kizimen length of viscous lava flow from the crater of which reached 3.5 miles, boosted its capacity up to 260 meters. For clarity, I can say that the thickness of solidifying lava flow is more than three times the height of a hill in the center of St. Nicholas of Petropavlovsk- Kamchatsky. This was not observed in the history of volcanic research in Kamchatka, "- said Samoylenko.

Today both volcanoes assigned code orange aviation hazard, that is, they exhibit increased activity with a high probability of eruption and a threat to local airlines.

Currently, six active volcanoes in Kamchatka: Kizimen Flat Tolbachik Shiveluch Klyuchevskoy Karymsky Nameless. Gorely is being activated.

Kizimen — one of 29 active volcanoes in Kamchatka, height — 2,5 thousand meters. Silent for decades volcano started to become active in July 2010. The last eruption occurred in Kizimov 1928-1929.

Tolbachik consists of two volcanoes — Flat Tolbachik (3.085 thousand meters altitude) and acute Tolbachik (3.682 thousand meters). The last eruption Tolbachik, called Big Tolbachik Fissure eruption occurred in 1976 and was the first in the history of Russian science, predicted with complete accuracy. The eruption changed the topography of the surrounding area was the cause of a local ecological disaster, which killed all living at a distance of tens of kilometers from the volcano.

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