Today, February 10

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


Cloudy in the morning, in the afternoon sun, the temperature of -5 — 7 C

Do not pass:

Minsk, the national press center, press conference Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Iran to Belarus Syed Abdullah Hosseini, dedicated to the anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Minsk, the press center houses the press, the press conference, "The rule-making activities of the Ministry of Justice of Belarus: Challenges for 2011", to be attended by Director General of the rule-making state-building of the Ministry of Justice Anna Shpak.


Brussels: The visit of Prime Minister of Moldova Vlad Filat in Belgium

Berlin: The Beginning of the 61st International Film Festival

Athens: One-day strike of civil servants


1927: In Minsk started the Second All-Belarusian Congress of Local History

1940: The first phase of the deportation of the population of Western Belarus, 50,000 people fixed in Siberia and Kazakhstan.

1962: An exchange of Francis Powers, the pilot of the American aircraft U-2 spy who was beaten over the Soviet Union, to Rudolf Abel — Soviet spy-illegal immigrant, who was arrested in the United States.

1996: The Superkamputar IBM Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov for the first time, the world chess champion.

2005: The DPRK announced the creation of nuclear weapons.


1882 Frantisek Umyastovsky, Belarusian writer (d. 1940)

1883: Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich military and political leader (d. 10/05/1940)

1868: Karus Kaganets, Belarusian writer, painter, graphic artist, sculptor and linguist (d. 05/20/1918)

1898 Bertald Brecht, German writer (d. 08/14/1956)

1903 Vincent Beetle Grishkevich, Belarusian political activist (d. 14.02.1989)


1452: Svidrigajlo Olgerdovich, Grand Duke of Lithuania (b. 1370)

1755: Charles-Louis Montesquieu, French writer and philosopher (born 18/01/1689)

1837: Alexander Pushkin, Russian poet and writer (b. 06/06/1799)

1891: The Sofia Kovalevskaya, Russian mathematician, writer and publitsystka (born 01/15/1850)

1923: Wilhelm Roentgen, a German physicist who won the Nobel Prize for Physics (1901) (b. 27/03/1845)

1938: Maxim Gorki, the Belarusian writer (b. 02/18/1893)

MINUS 365:

"Opposition" writers in the book fair was not invited

Quote to remember:

Through dark clouds on the foreign page
We looked at the heat-native sun
I chatter I heard from relatives by:
Freedom pounding in nashe windows,
For the Motherland got it, all of the children!
Sons! And what are we the same?
We would be unworthy
So we went to the rescue!
Go ahead, do not aglyadaytses,
Rather sabiraytses,
I'll be ready to go!

Father (Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich)

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