Tomsk weather forecasters predict a hot and dry August

August 2012 will be hot in Tomsk, forecasters predict a temperature of 1-2 degrees above average standards, told the head of the Tomsk Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, Alex Krutovsky.

Heat waves and dry thunderstorms caused numerous forest fires, operating in the Tomsk region.

"The temperature in August is forecasted at 1-2 degrees above normal — … plus 22-27 degrees in the shade, the amount of precipitation for the month is expected near and less than normal precipitation will fall mainly in the third week of August," — said Krutovsky.

According to him, the end of May of the Tomsk region have established a powerful anticyclone.

"In fact the average temperature in June was 5-7 degrees above normal — this was not 50 years old. Rainfall deficit was 50% of normal, it was a lot of dry thunderstorms in July as anomalies of heat, the average temperature is above normal by 2-5 degrees, insufficient precipitation is 80% "- said Krutovsky.

He noted that on Wednesday, August 1, Tomsk, probably still will be light rain.

The forests in the region continues to operate a state of emergency imposed order of the Governor of the Tomsk region in view of the deterioration of the forest fire situation.

According to meteorologist RF, since the beginning of the 1990s in Siberia recorded rapid growth in the average monthly summer. Thus, in June 2011 in Siberia became the hottest 121 years of observations — since 1891. In parts of western Siberia temperatures exceeded average values by 5-7 degrees.

July 2011 in Siberia was not as hot as in 2010, but the average temperature was still at 4 degrees above normal.

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