Unusual duck winters in central Minsk


In Gorky Park in the area marked Svislochi quite rare for Belarus duck — wigeon. Public organization "APB ptushak Fatherland" (APB) invites everyone to watch the unusual feathered visitor.

For Belarus, Wigeon is very rare nesting and wintering duck. More frequently encountered wigeon during migrations. Due to the rarity of it was even entered into the second edition of the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. Isolated cases of nesting confined to the coasts of the glacial lakes in the north.
Male widgeon repeatedly noted in the section Svisloch in Gorky Park during the National Winter bird censuses of 2011. In urban settings, with careful observation to identify the male widgeon not an issue. In size it is much smaller than the most massive in ducks — mallards. The head is colored reddish-brown color, from beak to the back of the head broad pale yellow stripe. Crop and part of the breast are gray with pink, white belly, gray back. In flight, the male widgeon conspicuous broad white bands on the wings. The female, as all ducks, painted modest gray-brown. In determining male widgeon in recommend to pay attention to the small size of the birds and the color of the head.
This coming Saturday and Sunday (February 5-6) in Gorky Park from 12.00 to 14.00 JSA experts and volunteers will be able to show everyone wigeon, and tell you about this interesting and rare birds. Wigeon kept a flock of mallards and swims close enough, so do not forget to take a camera. Meet near the bridge over Svisloch (Independence Avenue) from the main entrance to the park.

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