Valentine's Day intellectuals

Society event, timed for Valentine's Day, will be devoted to artificial languages and how to find a common language and understanding, even if artificial language, a computer.

The purpose of the event — together experts and practitioners in the field of linguistics, semantic analysis and representatives of major technical projects in the field of semantic VEB, explains the head of the business incubator of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics Alexander Meleschenko:

"To somehow combine it — that technological trend, we are working in a business incubator, high-tech start-up and Valentine's Day. This is lyrical, romantic love, but with a kind of high-touch — about love on artificial language. "

It is about love, but with a touch of high-tech — about love on an artificial language.

For example, the participants will discuss how original congratulate a loved one, a declaration of love in the language of NaVi, what is the most popular after albanskay CONLANG the Internet, said Alexander Meleschenko:

"First — this is a comic direction. Now fashionable among young people so-called Albanian or any other dialects, when the youth somehow distort modern language and believes that it stsebna. And we will make fun of it, over the internet dialect. A second area — sur 'Serious, high-tech. After all, the incubator has several start-up, dealing with semantics, so-called semantic web. For example, "Semantaryyus," one of our projects, the computer can somehow understand the text, and can also synthesize text. This is a very complex scientific research. "

The participants are the leaders of language courses and language schools, marketers, PR-managers of companies, developers of applications for social networks, entrepreneurs — people serious and busy. But the reason for the meeting — Day of the order, so …

One of the trends will be — recognized as a girl in love on an artificial language.

"We invite beautiful girls to the event. And one of the trends will be — recognized as a girl in love on an artificial language."

Reporter: "It is understood that modern girls also advanced, having a computer vocabulary?"

"The language of love is available, of course. For all the girls, I am convinced of this."

Reporter: "In short, no hearts, no" had-Pusey, "and …

"An artificial language, creativity and high technology, like that."

We also plan a film about love in the cross-language space "Chinese Box". The event will take place on February 14 in the 18 hours in the office of a business incubator, which is located in building number 4 BSUIR the street Gikalo 9.

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