Volcanic eruption Flat Tolbachik will be short — scientist

The eruption of a volcano in Kamchatka Flat Tolbachik — not as strong as in 1975, and will be short-lived, told RIA Novosti Senior Fellow, Institute of Volcanology and Seismology Alexey Ozerov.

"The forecast of developments currently hampered by the lack of data at the beginning of the eruption. However, we can already say that the unusual nature of this eruption is that it formed two centers of volcanic activity at the top of Tolbachinskyi zone in the south of the tip and the Flat Tolbachik. Unusually and the fact that this area is the outpouring of lava flows of high intensity, and thus the amount of ash ejected by the volcano, much smaller than the Big Tolbachik Fissure Eruption 1975-1976 years ", — said the scientist.

According to him, the available data suggests that the eruption will be relatively short.

"Typical for Tolbachik is the duration of the eruption from a few weeks up to 1.5-2 years. This eruption is not likely to last more than a few weeks," — said Ozerov.

The volcano began erupting on 27 November. In the area of the southern slope during helicopter overflights volcanologists found two fractured breakthrough emissions viscous lava. Emitting ash to a height of three feet above sea level. Roar from the eruption Tolbachik can hear residents of nearby communities. According to eyewitnesses, in the vicinity of the volcano vibrate window glass and electrical wiring.

Flat Tolbachik awarded the highest "red" code of aviation hazards, pilots of aircraft routes recommended to change due to active Flat Tolbachik.

The last eruption of the volcano Tolbachik called Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption, occurred in the years 1976-1976 and was the first in the history of Russian science, predicted with complete accuracy. The eruption changed the topography of the surrounding area was the cause of a local ecological disaster, which killed all living at a distance of tens of kilometers from the volcano.

Tolbachik consists of two volcanoes — Flat Tolbachik (3.085 thousand meters altitude) and acute Tolbachik (3.682 thousand meters). The nearest town — City Keys — removed from the foot of the volcano 60 kilometers.

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