Was the overall scenario Square Pozniak-Neklyaeva and whether it could be implemented?


These questions are answered Viktor Kornienko, Deputy Chairman of the Movement "For Freedom", andPavljuk Bykovskii, political columnist for "Belarusians and the market."

Pavljuk Bykovskii

Viktor Kornienko

Vitaly Tsigankov

Tsigankov: In Vladimir Neklyaeva was a special plan for the area — a mass rally that was planned in advance by the opposition December 19, 2010. If this plan was implemented, there would be the consequences — violent dispersal of demonstrators by the police, "storming" of the Government House, the criminal case on the riots, political prisoners and European sanctions. According to online newspaper Naviny.by, http://www.svaboda.org/content/article/2301236.html, the main point of the plan was Neklyaeva during a rally on October Square will announce the basis of the movement "For a new election without Lukashenko" and then disperse, nowhere to go, and prepare for further action. How realistic do you think such a scenario? There would be agreement with other politicians to such a scenario?

"The authors of this concept is referred to as the prophets of the past"

Korneenko: I am sure that their consent to this scenario the other candidates, and many of the people gathered in the square, there would be. In fact, such a scenario was realized in 2001, when they came, set up, and went the next day all was forgotten. Such a plan many shortcomings — there, for example, planned to be held on October Square structuring, smash people in districts … To say the least, it indicates that a proposal are people who for too long have been organizing events.

To say the least, it indicates that a proposal are people who for too long have been organizing events.

I can agree with the fact that the authorities did not like the script, according to which the people remained on October Square. And that, apparently, caused the attack on Neklyaeva long before the voting ended. And the authorities are aware of the position of the other candidates that they will offer a demonstration and so on. Perhaps this is realistic — in megaphones to announce that we are creating the next move. But why all of a sudden start of some new and effective policy — it's just weird and funny to hear.

The main criterion for any public event — increase in the number of protesters, and not what someone tells brilliant ideas into the microphone. From this point of view, the scenario proposed by Zeno Pazniak does not stand up to scrutiny.

Tsigankov: But supporters of the plan (to announce the basis of the movement "For a new election without Lukashenko" and then go away) will say that, subject to his execution would not have been no mass arrests, no collapse in relations with the West.

Korneenko: I do not think that even if people were in October Square, one would prevent all possible provocations. On October also missing buildings, damage to which the authorities could qualify as an attack on the existing order. So the main thing is not whether to go or not to go Independence. The main thing is that there was no man that would affect their authority and hotheads who were prevented and provocation.

In such a scenario — "if we listen, we would be living in a different society" — the voices of the prophets of the past, which are many. And the authors of this concept does not differ from them. Real policies must offer effective and efficient script that should prevail in the current conditions.

"There is a drag and blankets, and increased attention to one of the political players"

Tsigankov: Indeed, it is a little to remind the atmosphere, which was on the eve of December 19 in the community and the press. Many politicians and activists have argued that there should be as much as in 2001 and 2006. The presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich course online at Radio Liberty said that if we'll stand and disperse, that I would be ashamed. People wanted to go somewhere, do something. Pavljuk, from this point of view, how realistic is the scenario you Pozniak, described in the online newspaper naviny.by?

Bykovskii: To be honest, I do not even have the impression that such a scenario was.

Frankly, I do not even have the impression that such a scenario was.

The only thing we can say — one of the politicians (Belenky) says that something to negotiate with another politician. However, the (Nekljaev) has nothing to say about it can not. In this situation, given the fact that Mr. Nekljaev had the image of the pro-Russian candidate, combining it with Zenon Pazniak looks a bit implausible.

Another point — Nyaklyayeu had at that time the largest resource company. Many politicians have tried to cling to it. At the last moment it was found that Statkevich support Neklyaeva, he came to his headquarters and took it to the area from there.

As for the telephone conversations with Mr. Mr. Belenky Nyaklyaeu, the more likely it was a request to provide the opportunity to speak at the rally.

So here, I think there is a drag and blankets, as is usually the case in politics, the increased attention to one of the political players, who during the elections held not very proactive.

"The authorities have been programmed by the conflict, and something to counter this scenario, it is very difficult"

TsigankovViktor Kornienko, you're starting to remember that the government could exercise provocation and on October Square. I remind you that, as it is known now, the authorities have long been preparing for a military option. They included the strong dynamics, Russian pop music that people did not want to be on the October Square. If the government wanted to organize a collision, you can avoid them?

The authorities have been programmed by the conflict and something to counter this scenario, the power was very difficult.

Korneenko: I think that the authorities have been programmed by the conflict, and something to counter this scenario, the government has been very difficult (especially as each of the candidates had their intentions). What is now published — it is nowhere could lead, it's just dreaming. This is not a script to win, to development. This scenario is the output of one of the candidates of the deadlock in which he, along with others, was driven into the presidential campaign.

Bykovskii: I agree with Mr Kornienko. I do not think that under this plan, if it really existed, people, first of all, to listen. Let me remind you that before it was a "dress rehearsal Squares" and it involved a team Neklyaeva and people then walked along the avenue. Second, do not think that could have been avoided provocations. If we assume that the provocation organized by the authorities, there is nothing to prevent the same thing for the scenario, which writes the online edition naviny.by.



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