White tiger. The Nature of Things

Tigers on their own amazing animals. They admire his grace on the one hand, and majestic power — on the other. A white tiger, the mystery of nature, among other things, extraordinarily beautiful. Besides the fact that he has an amazing coat color, it is the owner of … blue, mesmerizing eyes.

Since time immemorial, the white tiger was seen a man like animal with magical power, shrouded aura of mystery. Terrorizing not only greatness, but also the unusual, he became an object of worship. He is credited with the ability to solve any problem man.
In China, for example, in the Middle Ages, the white tiger images painted gate Taoist temples. It was thought that the white tiger protect against invasion of evil.
It was also thought that the white tiger is to "scare the demons." And if the grave is such a "guardian", in the form of statues of the white tiger, the daemon must feel the horror and fear …
In other words, the white tiger is revered in China and was considered a symbol of longevity, prosperity, and guarded the frontier realm of the dead.
In India, believed that the white tiger is beyond being. It is significant that in India, the white tiger has spread around the world, not in the mythical, but quite solid "form."
All white tigers in zoos that are in many countries, have one parent. Bengal white tiger named Mohan.

White tiger.  The Nature of Things

Back in 1951, while hunting Maharajah Reva, more precisely, the hunters, accidentally discovered the den with cubs-teens. Among them was one white, who was brought to the palace.
You can imagine how proud ruler Reva that he lived in the palace of a unique (almost mystical) beast. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the Maharajah Govindagari taken all measures to ensure that Mohan (so named by the tiger) was not the only white tiger, and certainly would have left offspring. He found the tigress truth ordinary, red. However, in the first litter of white tiger cubs was not.
And only in 1958, when the rare animal brought from his own daughter, that is, the light appeared inbreeding (inbreeding), appeared in a litter of white tiger. Despite the fact that inbreeding weakens the immune descendants, he, nevertheless, maintains the "unique" features, that is, give the offspring of white tigers.
The progenitor of today's white tigers living in captivity (in the wild they almost did not survive, just because of the unusual color, because they can not hunt), lived in the palace of Maharaja of 12 years.
Gone into the white tiger year history. Planet met the year of rabbit (cat) …
But then, the white tiger, it is also a cat. Only the largest in the world. Means "kinship" with the year of the departed left?

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